• The Movers: Types of services provided by Movers

    Moving is a really hard thing to do. It’s so much work! There are all sorts of different movers that you can go with, and each one has its own unique set of benefits and drawbacks. This blog post will help you learn about the types of services provided by movers out there, what they do.

    What are the duties of a mover?

    Movers are responsible for packing up your belongings, loading them onto the truck, and driving out to a storage facility at the other end of your move where they’ll unpack everything. They do not help with unpacking or returning any items.

    The types of services provided by movers

    1. Full-Service Movers

    Full-service movers are perfect for people that want to completely take care of the moving process. This type of mover will come into your home and pack up all your belongings, load them onto their truck, drive them out to a storage facility in another city or state, unpack everything at the other place and then return with everything you had before. 

    You’ll just need to provide packing materials (such as boxes) as well as any tools they might need during this process like ladders if necessary. Full-service movers can be very expensive because there is so much work involved which means it’s not something most people would do on their own without some help from professionals.

    2. Partial Service Movers

    Partial service movers are the exact opposite of full-service. They will only come in and pack up your belongings, load them onto their truck and drive out to a storage facility in another city or state. That’s it. The rest is all on you which means you’ll have to handle packing materials as well as any tools they need during this process such as ladders if necessary yourself. 

    Partial services can be fairly inexpensive because there is less work involved but that also means some level of moving knowledge will probably be required from you before hiring these types of movers unless they offer scheduled training for customers who want more guidance than just relying on how-to books or online tutorials.

    3. Industrial Movers

    Industrial movers are professional companies that will come in and pack up your belongings, load them onto their truck and drive out to a storage facility. The only thing is they won’t unpack anything at the other end of the move nor will they return with any of your belongings; this type of mover is for those who just want someone else to handle everything while you watch from afar. 

    Industrial moves can be more expensive because there’s so much work involved but it also means most people wouldn’t have to do any packing or unpacking on their own without hiring some help which would likely be very costly as well either way.

    4. Long Distance Movers

    Long-distance movers are perfect for people who live in one city but want to move their belongings to another location that’s not nearby. This type of mover will come into your home and pack up all your things, load them onto their truck and drive out to a storage facility at the other end where they’ll unpack everything for you with no need on your part. 

    Long-distance moves can be more expensive because there is so much work involved which means it isn’t something most people would do without help from professionals unless they have some level of moving knowledge or know an individual who does.

    The only thing is professional movers might also require a deposit upfront before starting the job (typically within $250) just like other types of moving. The Moving Company Germantown TN does not require any deposits or fees upfront before starting a new job, that’s just something we don’t do.

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