The Most Common 5 Types Of Doors For Your House

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The door is one of the most important elements of your home. They are fitted to the entrance and exit points as well as creating dividers between rooms. A closed-door offers a satisfactory amount of privacy, it can also be essential for security.

Doors also reflect your personal style, this is why it is so important to choose the right ones. Fortunately, there are plenty of options on the market. Here are the most common 5:

1. Solid Wood

This is the traditional exterior door although it can also function very well as an interior door. Solid wood is strong and very good at insulating your home. It can also be painted or stained to get virtually any color, and it’s surprisingly easy to carve decorative features into it. This makes it unique. They are also surprisingly robust when under attack.


2. Hollow Wood Doors

Hollow doors are a popular choice for interior doors. They are not sturdy enough to use at entry points to your home. But, hollow wood doors can be made to look like solid doors without you having to pay the high price tag.

They don’t offer as high a level of insulation but they remain an excellent choice in the modern home where the focus is on keeping the heat in the home, not specific rooms.

3. Glass

Glass doors have been popular for many years. Originally they were designed as French doors and used inside or outside the home. Today, glass is much stronger and it’s now possible to have a door entirely made from glass.

They allow additional light into the home or room and can look fantastic. However, they are not the best option if you want privacy! You’ll also need to clean them often to remove fingerprints.

4. Metal

Metal has become a popular choice thanks to the surge of interest in industrial interiors. While metal has always been thought of as cold, this is not always the case. A nice brushed steel door can add a calming and surprisingly warming element as a front door or an interior door.

They go particularly well with kitchens that have adopted the industrial styling, creating the right balance between commercial needs and home.

Of course, metal doors are also very popular in commercial settings and offer an unrivaled level of security.

5.  PVC

Finally, PVC has become the most popular material for front and back doors. It’s durable, surprisingly strong, and needs minimal maintenance. You can get PVC doors in a huge array of styles, allowing you to flood your home with light or keep it in the dark.

The downside of PVC is that it usually comes in white, although a limited range of other colors are available. This means it complements an outside paint job but can look out of place if installed inside your home.

PVC is also very good at insulating your home, keeping you warm while reducing your energy bills.

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