Discover The 5 Simple Ways to Secure Your New Home

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When you complete a new home you’re likely to be excited about getting in, allocating stuff to rooms, and enjoying your first night in your new home.

What you’re probably not thinking about is the number of break-ins that happen every year. Current reports suggest in excess of 225,000 break-ins occur every year, that’s one every three minutes.

It’s a sobering fact and the reason why you should take the security of your home seriously, from the moment you move in.

Here are 5 ways you can make your new home more secure.


1. Check Doors & Windows

It may seem obvious but, in the excitement of arriving at your new home, it’s easy to overlook the windows and doors.

You need to go around your home and check every one of them. They should close properly and, if they have locks, these should work. In most cases, closing properly is the only option but as they open from the inside this is a good starting point.

2. Change The Locks

Do you know how many people have been in the house before you or have keys to it? The simple answer is no. While you’re supposed to be given all the keys when you take the house, it’s impossible to say if this is actually the case. That’s why the first thing you should do when you move in is to replace the door locks. This will ensure you know who has keys.

3. Add An Alarm System

Regardless of whether you live in a high crime area or a ‘safe’ area, your house should have an alarm system. There are plenty of cheap smart options available but it is still difficult to beat a commercial alarm system. These are protected against being tampered with and can alert you, the office, or even the police if a break-in occurs.

It’s the best way to have peace of mind when you’re not at home.

4. Light It Up

Criminals are not fans of light, it can reveal their identity and highlight to others what they are doing. That’s why you should have static lights near your entrances and plenty of lights on sensors around your house and yard. This will tell you, and your neighbors, that someone is outside. It’s one of the most effective ways of persuading them to go somewhere else.

Of course, there will be false alarms from cats and other animals, but these are a small price to pay for the security of your home.

5. Lock Your Wi-Fi

People are increasingly using smart systems in their homes. Alexa and Google Home are two of the most popular. They allow you to connect your heating, lighting, cameras, and even your door locks to a single system that can be controlled over the internet.

In other words, if you leave your internet open anyone can get in and play with your systems. You need to hide your Wi-Fi ID and choose a difficult password. This will reduce the likelihood of other’s hacking your system.