The Home Is Painted in Harmonious Look Keeping Beige Color As A Canvas | ANS Design House

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The Home Is Painted in Harmonious Look Keeping Beige Color As A Canvas | ANS Design House

This project is a 3BHK apartment in one of the premium townships in Thane. The clients wanted a cheerful and fresh home. They already had a lot of wooden finish interior in their previous home, so they wanted a different look this time. They had a flair for pastel but wanted it to look bright and fresh too. With the same thought process, we decided to go for pastels but in a little brighter tone keeping beige color as a canvas to give the home a harmonious look.

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The brief was plain surfaces and every room should carry its own identity. With this requirement, we decided to keep the beige color as a common color which goes well with most of the colors and also helps connect the various rooms to give the home a harmonious look. The rooms were spacious and there were a couple of duct spaces that needed to be used for storage in every room. This attracted a lot of civil work which helped carve out a lot of utility spaces. The duct storages were camouflaged in the walls to lighten up the look.

The living room already had beige marble flooring. We decided to play with the green and white combination which we used in the kitchen. Idea was to give continuity in the space. They had an existing sofa with wooden legs, a wooden side table, and a dining table with chairs which they wanted to reuse. This was going against the entire theme, so to compliment it, we used some wood sparingly in the ceiling and partition screen at the entrance. The tv unit was given a backdrop of customized MDF panels which also helped hideaway the level differences due to the columns and beams.

The dining wall turned out to be the highlight of the entire living room. We decided to go for a Krsna Mehta wallpaper and used a similar tone of onion color(dark pink) in upholstery. The crockery unit acted as a two-way partition between the kitchen and living room encasing the refrigerator from the kitchen side.

The kitchen was totally revamped with the new requirements of the family, as the lady of the house is a professional baker who wanted a lot of storage and also counter-space to bake her cakes. A shade of green with white was chosen for the kitchen. the common element in the house ‘the beige color’ was used on the kitchen counter and wall dado. to enhance the plain shades of the entire kitchen, we used a tile with a subtle Moroccan feel.

We started off with the daughter’s room. The obvious choice was pink, though not the typical baby pink. We gave it a matured feel by teaming rose pink with beige color, which complimented the dark pink marble on the floor.  Neutral walls helped highlight the tufted headboard with a cute cozy drape on top of it. Fairy lights enhanced the fairy tale look of the bed. To break the monotony of plain surfaces, we selected floral printed curtains and customized the wallpaper on the ceiling to match it. Overall the room turned out to be a perfect place for growing up girls with enough space for playing, study, wardrobe, and a lot of storage spaces that cater to their growing needs.

Coming to the master bedroom, again the challenge was the same old flooring with pink and green marble. Here we decided to go on the pastel green theme to match the green marble of the flooring. Again we teamed it up with beige color to give a softer and subtle look. Plain surfaces on the wardrobe balanced out the busy pattern of the flooring. Full height double-layered Curtains, tufted headboard, and floor rug added to the softness of the interiors, adding a flavor of romance in it and also helped to defocus the busy marble flooring. the notch on the right side in the headboard wall was used to create three niches above the bed. Highlighting the wall with strips of wood and a darker tone helped break the monotony of pastel green in the room. One of the dead walls was used to put up the family pictures.

The client wanted to retain the existing flooring, which was a challenge in itself. Though it was marble flooring, it didn’t compliment well with the current interior trends due to the building is more than 15 years old. Being an old building Bedrooms had a combination of age-old pink and green marble, which is a little weird combination in itself. So we had to go with the finishes which actually compliment the flooring combination.

One of the duct spaces was carved out in the living room to make a cozy library space which also housed a small pooja area. Overall space turned out to be a colorful yet subtle modern space. All in all the clients are happy to get the world of their dreams.

Fact File:

Designed by: ANS Design House

Project: Northside, Hiranandani Estate

Project Type: Apartment Interior

Year of completion: 2021

Area:  1100 sq. ft.

Location: Thane

Principal Architect: Shivangi Shahane Phanse, Ar Amit N. Phanse

Photography: Ar. Anish Padalkar

About Firm:

ANS Design House is a creative design studio founded by Architect Amit N. Phanse and Interior Designer Shivangi Shahane-Phanse in 2009. The firm was started with a desire to make a beautiful environment in the surrounding world. The purpose of our designs is to give aesthetic elegance with the primary focus on functionality. Over the years the company has delivered state-of-the-art Healthcare facilities, cheerful Preschools, theme-based Cafes, functional and chic Office spaces, and ingenious Residential designs, and many more At ANS we believe in creating a user experience in the spaces we treat and edify.

Our philosophy is that space should speak for itself about the user. The ambiance we develop is a function of the personality and taste of our clients. Our clients come to us with a plethora of ideas for their spaces. We help them tie these ideas with their values, design, and functionality. The outcome is not just a good design that stands out but it’s a great design that FITS IN. Our aim is to make the world look beautiful by helping clients create spaces in which they themselves fall in love and eventually everyone who visits the space is happy and cheerful.




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