The Exquisite Interiors Reflect Designer’s Unique Choice And Inventiveness | Morph Design

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The Exquisite Interiors Reflect Designer’s Unique Choice And Inventiveness | Morph Design

The design features and the color palette bespeaks contemporary language and the bedrooms inspired by a fusion of contemporary and classical styles.

This splendorous abode, designed by Morph Design is located at the heart of Mumbai’s luxurious area. As it is facing the bewitching Worli Sea link this 5 BHK spread over 3850 Sq. Ft is blessed with an enticing view from the 61st floor. Certainly the interiors of the house demanded commensurable allure as that of the exterior views.

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The client’s brief was as simple as a beautiful and sustainable house. This gave designers full freedom to explore their creativity, compositions as well as materials. Thus the exquisite interiors of the house reflect the designer’s unique choice and inventiveness.

The design features and the color palette bespeaks contemporary language. The bedrooms are inspired by a fusion of contemporary and classical styles. But the real novelty of this project is endowed by the designer’s originality in making the features and elements efficient and low maintenance along with the captivating aesthetics.

As one enters the living room, the muted shades of beige and off-whites give the feeling of vastness and warmth. The royal blue sofa chairs provide a graceful contrast to the overall beige color palette. A full-length sliding glass door sublimes the barrier between the interiors and the exteriors. The green wall in the balcony is continued on the interior wall merging the outside space with the insides.

The designer has very finely played with geometric patterns as seen in the paneling on the TV wall. The sacred geometry is seen in the knitted upholstery of the sofa as well as the curtains. They have very ingeniously carved out jaalis of HDMR painted with PU paint with again intricate geometric patterns. HDMR as per the designer provides sustenance as well a classy finish and is exceptionally low maintenance.

The dining area follows the same language complimenting the living space. The direct and diffused lighting in the false ceiling and the minimal geometric lighting installations enhances the design.

Further the living space is accentuated by the astounding artifacts and paintings adding a regional character to a home. Designer L. K. Vyas who is a passionate traveler and an advocate of Indian art has handpicked these artifacts himself during his voyage from various parts of India such as Moradabad, Jodhpur, Bhadohi, and Jaipur. All the furniture has an innate exclusivity as it is manufactured in the in-house manufacturing unit of Morph Design.

Every bedroom narrates a different story that still complements each other showing the designer’s versatility of design. Master Bedroom has a semi-classical theme with beige leather paneling in the bed back as well as the side tables. The chevron patterns in the bed back, TV unit follows asymmetrical geometry. Also the walls have veneer paneling with rectangular Bronze frames defining an order in the space.

The monotony of the light grey flooring and beige furniture is riveted by the bronze frames and black lighting fixtures. The toilets of the bedrooms have an accent wall which is made of the leftover marble pieces. This reuse and zero wastage strategy prove that a beautiful design need not be too expensive.

A bedroom is a space demanding the most comfort at the end of a tiring day. What more serene and calming can be than a minimalistic and an alluring all-white bedroom. The last bedroom adds a drama to the palette by its robust red wall with the furniture and flooring in the hues of grey.

The versatility of the artifacts and the materials shows the resourcefulness of the designer. For, the unique artifacts from North India, the carpets from Bhadohi and the lighting fixtures specially designed from Mumbai artisans is the highlight of the house and makes the house a beautiful melange of design strategies, materials, and adornments


Firm: Morph Design

Principal Architect: LK Vyas

Area: 3850 Sqft

Project Location: Worli, Mumbai

Project Type: Luxurious Apartment Interior

Photography: PHX, India

Text Credit: Avanti Tohare




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