The Elegance and Many Benefits of Window Blinds

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People who love to decorate their homes with perfect décor are always concerned about how their window dressings look. Whilst there are a wide variety of ways to cover a window, the use of blinds has long been a premier choice. Since they were first brought to America and Europe as Venetian blinds from the far east, they gained notoriety for their ability to allow restricted sunlight into a room. At the time, most other types of window coverings featured either complete visibility restriction or open views. With the invention of the Venetian window blind, people were offered a creative window covering that allowed restricted sunlight, free viewing, and privacy at the same time.

History of the Venetian Blind

The first blind was the Venetian Blind. This unique window dressing has it’s history as far back as ancient Egypt when they tied reeds together to make window coverings to block out the sun. The Chinese had a similar design using Bamboo. The Persians first introduced the Venetian blinds to Italy in the 1400s, and over time, with some revisions, they quickly became a distinctive window dressing for the elite. In the city of Pompeii, marble blinds were found in the obliterated ruins of the city. They were constructed with individual slats like modern blinds to divert the sunlight and create coolness.

The first use of blinds in modern times is traditionally thought to have occurred in the 1700s. Unlike the use of reeds, the blinds of the 1700s were much more formal, using wood slats that created a distinctive look. The first patent for Venetian blinds dates back to the mid-1700s when Englishman Edward Bevan created blinds with wooden slats in a frame that allowed the blinds to be adjusted to let light into a room.

Historically, several famous paintings depict some of the earliest forms of blinds, including one painting about America is known as “The Visit of Paul Jones to the Constitutional Convention”. French painter J.L. Gerome painted this adaptation of America’s Constitutional Convention event in the late 1800s. More advanced window blind structures are found in a painting by French Painter James Tissot entitled “Tea”. It was painted in London in 1872 and is housed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Historians widely acknowledge that St. Peter’s church in Philadelphia was fitted with Venetian blinds in 1761.

The high-quality blinds Ipswich residents can buy today are beautiful window dressings that are innovative, featuring advanced designs and materials. They come in a wide variety of styles from simple to distinctive. Today’s blinds are still the best alternative for people looking for window dressings that offer the combination of visibility, privacy, and flexible sunlight adjustments.

When choosing the best window blinds for your home, six main things should be considered.

Size of the Window– Because window blinds for larger windows are custom made, they should be considered a custom home investment. Whilst a variety of materials can easily accommodate smaller windows, larger windows require more distinct custom designs and materials.

Room Décor– Not all designs of blinds will enhance all types of room décor. Vertical blinds can be an excellent choice for glass doors but may not fit the elegance of a dining room.

The Purpose for the Blind– If the blinds are meant to keep out sunlight, then the design may not matter as much, and simpler designs may be adequate. However, if they are intended to be distinctive window dressings, wooden Venetian blinds may be best.

Color and Material Desired– Blinds can be made of wood, faux wood, metal, plastic, cloth, and cloth over plastic. Wood blinds can come in light or dark tones as can cloth and cloth over plastic. Traditionally, metal blinds come in three colors, silver, black, and white. Plastic blinds can come in a variety of colors to match décor.

Level of Protection Against the Sunlight– Certain window blind designs offer greater UV protection against the sun. Vertical blinds are a design meant for more flexibility because they dangle from a casing and can easily move side to side. This is why they are often used on glass doors. Blackout roller blinds, Roman blinds, and honeycomb cellular blinds offer some of the best protection against the sun and heat.

Age of Children in the Home-This is a significant concern for people with small children. Because the dangling strings are looped on some types of blinds, there is a risk of injury to children. For homes with young children, it is essential to get blinds that provide better child safety. Blinds that are automated or cordless blinds offer the best safety protection for homes with children.            

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  • I was really interested in the segment of your article that talked about how certain blinds are better at preventing UV rays than others. Protecting my exotic wooden flooring from harmful light rays definitely sounds like something I would want to do, especially during the summer season. I’ll inquire about this when I find a blinds store in the area so my wooden flooring won’t fade easily.

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