• The Eclectic Style Cafe Decor | Kamal Kavita Interiors

    The Eclectic Style Cafe Decor | Kamal Kavita Interiors

    No wonder that the décor of a café is as vital as the food and drinks being served there. The eclectic style décor for the cafe here is all about creating harmony and coming together of disparate styles to innovate cohesive experimentation and play. The spaces and their visual style are specifically responsible to set the mood and ambiance. The vibrant interior and bold furniture give the place an interesting style statement. The colorful walls with bright patterns will make you feel like you’ve entered a vintage classy house. With the correct lightings and fine music, the place becomes a perfect spot to spend the evenings in a peaceful and calm atmosphere. This place has some coziness and warmth brought by the mere concept itself.

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    This small and inviting reception has a bold look that starts from the outside itself. The highlight of this space can be none other than the striking reception table accentuated with dominant carmine-colored velvet. The intriguing wallpaper used in the backdrop has stimulating mosaic patterns reflecting the overall theme of the design. The touch of the checker’s pattern can be distinguished prominently and has been used to define the table specifically. The contrast created is pleasant and beautiful.

    The usage of glass on one of the walls in the front makes space feel larger than actual. The niches with the gorgeous elements placed in it look pretty effortless. The ledges to display some of the dainty artifacts. The delightful false ceiling has such intricate designs which engross everybody who steps in. The eye-catching entrance becomes an interesting focus of attraction due to these combined compositions. This dynamic place owns its amusing disk area and open terrace accessible for the visitors.

    The most spellbinding feature of the place is the arches in a row, lit with a series of the bulb to render the pathway leading to the sit-out space. At the setback, you can see the similar checkers’ pattern bringing out a loud variation through the perspective view. It is guaranteed that the millennial will completely cherish such installations turning the spot into a famous check-in place. The key factor is to tap the psychology of the customer visiting the café, which has been readily kept in mind by the designer while planning out the spaces.

    The minimal seating with the impulsive color like orange, black, grey and pink, triggers the customers to grab a quick bite while enjoying the atmosphere. The beige-colored sofa sittings give a perspective and simplicity that makes space feel more lovable. They were combined with very few contemporary elements to glam up the entire space. The recessed wall niches possess some graceful arches blending well with the picked lingo of the interior. On the other hand, the zigzag pattern creates an impulse in the mind and is considered to be diet-stimulating. The paintings hung on these walls give an entirely new interpretation to the family of geometric patterns.

    The impression of wooden flooring embraces the aesthetics of the space through the process. The customized hanging chandelier illuminates the wooden tables and keeps a balance for the interior lightings and amiably occupies the right amount of visual space. The accent lighting style is all about highlighting the important features in the café, which has been tremendously done.

    The balmy light pink ceiling displays unique patterns to create an alluring accent. This apt shade, wooden textures, comfortable sofa sittings with the relaxing music will prompt customers to stay and relish their time for longer durations. This quirky place to relax and eat is something we have always wanted. The ambiance and vibe of the place will cheer you up and make your hangouts lively for a perfect evening. The beautiful décor items like vases, ceramics and lighting elements enrich the flawless abode.


    Project Name: Candles Café
    Area: 2200 sqft
    Location: Jaipur
    Lead Designer: Kavita Tolani
    Text Credits: Abhilasha Jha

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