The Couthy House – A Facile Interior Curated With Contemporary Coastal Colours | Tvashta Architects & Interiors

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This home looks like a drop of sunshine wrapped in soothing pastels. Belonging to Mr Jigar Nimavat and Mrs. Princy Nimavat, their brief was to make their home look cosy, stylish and contemporary look with minimal wooden décor and lots of colours. The approach was to create a design that was timeless, functional and versatile with the use of pastel shades that would give a warm look and feel to the home. A very conscious decision was taken on the material palette for the housekeeping a few elements constant to form a coherence experience of the house. Every person in the house was different and hence all spaces had to narrate different stories in the same coherent whole. The design involved intricate detailing and exploration, which were exclusively selected to make this residence evolve into a crafted space as per the client’s satisfaction. The colours used in this home are predominantly clean with ample whites, greys, and accented by the limited doses of wood and milder shades of blue, green and terracotta.  We prepared elaborately designed 3d visuals that helped the client visualize the possibilities of the shades and tints that would gel up well.

The Couthy House – A Facile Interior Curated With Contemporary Coastal Colours | Tvashta Architects & Interiors

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Summing up to an ultra-modern contemporary theme, initially it was challenging to pick the right shade of blue, grey, green and orange since it was the main colours to be used majorly. But with careful planning, it all came together as the blend of other furniture, upholstery, furnishings blended well with selected shades.

Living Room is kept simple with a sleek T.V unit design, orange sofa and puffy’s which stands out in design. Behind the sofa, partition with contrast colours add grace to the overall space. However not to avoid the Greens, they play a major role in this residence. A huge green planter in the corner balances the look perfectly. Simple dining with solid shades of orange, grey and green and a hanging light above the dining table add a lot of charm and tranquillity! Not to miss the Clock which sums up with minimal design elegance merging with the theme perfectly. We wanted to make it unique unlike standard kitchen layouts. Colour played a major role by creating a breakfast table and overhead unit too. The colour theme was maintained with unusual pastel orange coloured shutters.

Parents Bedroom Serving the purpose by fulfilling their basic requirements of having double bed , a wardrobe with dressing! Room was small yet placing the furniture properly made it look spacious with the moulding frames of Mdf. Master bedroom Subtle soothing colours of grey tint and shades are pleasing to the eyes and hence a good combination. Simple textures make the room look classic for the masters!

The project was taken as a challenge to maximize every nook and cranny of 950 sq ft residence and give a sense of openness to our clients. The use of mirrors, placed considering the Vastu, brings in the expansive character to the bedrooms and also creates an optical illusion of seamless design. Colours play a major role when we design for a climatic condition, like that of Ahmedabad. The palette is all about using pastels, and especially cool colours. It is the colour green that adds freshness to spaces. Shades of green define the interior as it unravels in different forms, from splash on a wall to partition frames, in a proportion that neither feels skewed nor overwhelming. There have been multiple design tactics applied, to bring in more volume to the rooms, the articulations have been done in many furniture pieces and the intrinsic details along with the wall treatments. The changes in materials add the playful accents. And even after using a composition of different materials, space has unity in the design experience.

A residence design is meant to reflect the personalities of its residents while complimenting their lifestyle and convenience. This easy to maintain and decent elative abode is something that goes with the owner’s conduct and way of living.  The apartment accommodates a spacious master bedroom with a segregated dressing area. The signature style here is the close grooving on the MDF sheets for the vertical surfaces and furnishings. It is acquainted with minimal furnishing, earthy tones, and self-texturing throughout. 


Designed by : Tvashta Architects & Interiors

Project Type : Residential

Project Name : The Couthy House

Location: Ahmedabad

Year Built : 2021

Project Size: sq. feet :  950 sq.ft

Project Cost Appx : 20 Lac

Principal Architect : AR. Kandarp P. Shah

Principal Interior Designer : ID Niteesha Vyas

Design team : AR. Juee Chandora, AR. Riya Fadadu

Photograph Courtesy : Umang Shah

Products and Materials : Finishes- Laminates | Wallcovering / Cladding – MDF Moulding Patti | Lighting – Profile Light, COB, Wall Lighs, Hanging Lights | Doors and Partitions – Flush Doors and Wood | Sanitaryware – Jaquar | Furniture – Plywood, MDF, Cement Sheet | Kitchen – Backpainted Glass, Laminates | Paint – Asian Paint | Artefacts – 079 Stories | Hardware – Hettich

Consultants for the Project :

Contractors – MR. Ketanbhai

Project Managers – MR. Bhavin

Drawings : Plans, Sections, Elevation 

Material Palette of the project :

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