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A valuable guide to knowing the best windows for your loft conversion!

In loft conversions, the choice of windows will play a significant role in the final result of the room’s ambiance. When you plan a loft conversion, you need to choose the right doors and windows for the room. This will add to the aesthetic value of the property and guarantee the safety of the residents of your house. This means to choose the suitable loft windows for a loft conversion; you need to look further into the factors that may prevent you from making the best choice rather than just aesthetics. Okay? 

What should you consider?

Without any doubt, the house’s loft will be one of the biggest rooms in the house as it is located at the very top portion of the building. This means that it will offer the best view and brightest sights of the surrounding environment. So, when choosing the windows, you need to consider the type you opt for carefully.

The size of the window should be meticulously considered. The wider the windows, the better views and unobstructed coverage you can get from it. It also means you will get better lighting and ventilation from more enormous windows. However, you should consider the planning permissions and regulations in your city concerning your choice of windows.

In addition, it is essential to know that there are different types of loft windows, and each of them has varying features, pros, and cons. Some may offer unique features from others. Carefully studying each of them will help you make a better decision as to which one will fit seamlessly into your loft.

Now, let’s talk about the main window options for your loft conversion.

Dormer windows

Dormer windows are the most frequently used windows for loft conversions. It is an excellent option if you want to create more headroom or space in your loft. It is installed vertically at the slopes of the roof and creates a box shape. A pro of this window is that it allows for sufficient lighting in the room. They are more suitable for lofts with lower ceilings.

They are helpful if you want to create a larger room in the attic that seems a bit small. However, the window size you can install may depend on the planning permissions, so you should take note.

Roof-light or Skylight

Often called Velux skylights, this window is a simple one that is directly installed into the property’s roof. It is very straightforward to install without considering much or planning permissions. It is an affordable option and allows better light and ventilation in the room. They can come with different features which your contactor can specifically add for you upon request.

Gable-end windows

This is a very aesthetically pleasing window option, and it has impressive features. The ‘gable’ refers to the triangular portion of the walls of buildings with ridged roofs. It helps introduce more light into the room, and it blends easily into any loft size. Although more expensive than a dormer conversion, it can still be combined with a dormer window to create more space.

So, the choice is YOURS! Choose one that fits your preference while considering all available options. A skilled contractor will also be handy to help bring your dreams to reality!