The basic configuration of home security systems

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Whenever we talk about home security systems, the picture of an intruder breaking into the house comes to our mind first. Although, intrusions are the biggest threats to home security, many other times there is the need for safety of residents too. Homes with swimming pools need some protection to ensure that kids do not find their way alone to the pool. To keep the area off-limits for kids while alerting the mother about any possible threat, it is advisable to install a door/window sensor that sends off an alarm whenever the door or window within its ambit, opens. Simply said,Brisbane security & alarm systems do much more than just keeping intruders away. They can keep you informed about the arrival of guests or when your children get back from school or when the courier knocks at your door.

The fundaments of the security system

Any security system comprises of a number of equipment and devices installed with the purpose of performing some surveillance or detection and alert homeowners about a possible breach of security that can affect home safety.  Security systems can be of many types but have one thing is common to all in that it secures the entry points like doors and windows as well as the interior spaces of homes and offices.  Security systems differ from one another in its configuration that takes into account the extent of security offered by the systems.

Features of home security systems


Home security systems comprise of a number of devices and equipment installed across the home at strategic locations for round the clock surveillance and monitoring activities to set off alarms whenever there is any breach of security. The devices, equipment and components installed as part of the system work within a network and their responses integrated by means of a control panel.

A typical home security system comprises the control panel, which is the heart of the system and controls the activities of the installed devices and equipment. In addition, there are motion sensors, door and window sensors, a high decibel siren or alarm, wired or wireless security cameras and sometimes yard signs and window stickers.

Parts of a security system

Control panel – The control panel consists of a computer that activates and deactivates the security devices and equipment and even communicates with it besides sounding the alarm whenever there is any breach of security. In addition, it communicates with an alarm monitoring company.

Sensors – The door and window sensors sent off an alarm whenever the security breach happens due to opening of any door or window under its control, and the notification reaches the alarm monitoring company if it is hooked to the system. The motion sensors create an invisible zone of safety, and whenever there is any breach of the boundary, an alarm goes off.

 Surveillance cameras – The security cameras that are available in both wired and wireless types keep an eye on remote areas and even those areas that are not easy to see.

Homeowners can view the images of the cameras on their smartphones, computers and tablets.

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