3 Unconventional Home Spaces Worth Refurbishing and Renovating

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Most homeowners will think of the same home improvements when they want to invest in their property. Property extensions, heating refurbishments and window replacement all top the list of common home improvements and whilst there’s no doubt that these are a good idea, there are other options worth considering too. 

Here are some of the slightly fewer common spaces that you should consider refurbishing or renovating. Some simply improve quality of life and some help with home valuation so whether you’re looking to stay in your property forever or move on soon, there is an idea here for you.


The hallway is definitely not a priority location for most homeowners. The hallway is a functional space designed to help channel visitors to the best rooms in the house, the kitchen, living and dining spaces. Yet, refurbishing your hallway is a brilliant option if you are looking to sell your home in the near future, primarily because of how home buyers think.

Buying a house is an extremely personal affair and as a result, most buyers are already judging a home as they are pulling up and usually make a ‘gut’ based decision without even seeing most of the interior. This means that the first places the buyer sees are easily the most important when initially piquing interest, whilst the rest of your home is there to secure the deal. 

With this in mind, the hallway can have a serious effect on how people feel about your property. Keeping it light, airy, attractive and functional is key if you want to sell on in the future. 


Obviously, attic conversions are a common method of improving your home’s value and usefulness but there are other ways to make your roof useful too. If you are lucky enough to be blessed with a flat roof, consider a roof garden renovation to give your property something extra special. 

Roof garden designs vary greatly depending on your available space and desired purpose but most combine plants with deckchairs and artificial grass to create a relaxing outdoor area. This can have a big luxury pull for potential buyers as well as for you, especially if you live somewhere that is warm all-year-round.

Additionally, whilst you might prioritise a child-friendly back garden, the roof garden can be an adult-centric space to gain a temporary escape from hectic family life. For potential buyers and current homeowners alike, you really can’t go wrong with a great roof garden.

Driveway and Garage

Finally, you might consider your driveway and garage strictly functional spaces but refurbishing them could make your life significantly easier, particularly if you’re looking to sell soon. 

From a practicality perspective, improving the look and design of your driveway and garage make them more fit for purpose. Often, garages can become makeshift storage spaces filled with a combination of tools, bicycles, spare furniture and boxes of knickknacks. Clearing this out, giving the space a lick of paint and organising what you need to be there in an attractive manner is sure to make finding what you need a lot easier.

Alongside this, an attractive driveway improves ‘curb appeal’, a key factor in convincing potential buyers to make a purchase. How your home looks from the front plays a surprisingly large role in convincing homebuyers that they could live there, so landscaping could really help get your property sold and over the line.

With these three tips in mind, you could quickly take your property to the next level, making your life easier and improving resale value all at once. Be sure to investigate costs behind your projects before acting though, as some are definitely cheaper than others.

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