• The Art of Incense Burning – Purification and Relaxation at your home

    Incense is an aromatic material that is burned to release the fragrance it holds. It’s made up of different materials that helps produce a fantastic fragrant. At the beginning, incense was used by Chinese cultures for religious purposes. However, it was later adopted by the Japanese who developed their own unique tradition known as “KODO”. Kudos is simply referred as “The art of Incense” and is based upon incense oriented games which used to be played by Heian court nobles in the 11th century

    Kudos was just one of the three main classical arts that a woman of class was expected to learn. Today, it has been transformed into aromatherapy sessions. This invests in the power of the sense of smell where people understand the significant value of aromatic expression. Some people call it fragrances, scents, or aromas. Burning incense can trigger specific reaction and response from our bodies that results in relaxation and concentration. 

    Although many people think that the secret of kudos lies in the smell, it is all about listening. The participants do not smell the fragrance but rather listen to it. This action is very fulfilling as it leads to the opening of their nasal passage, heart and spirit. If you are very interested to know the advantages of using incense in many different ways possible, the next section will definitely help you understand more about it.

    Benefits of Incense

    To help you understand how beneficial it is to use incense, we list the advantages you can get by burning incense. It’s essential that you know the great benefits you can get from burning incense and what good it could do for you. Understanding the benefits can also help you assess which type of incense you should use. Without further ado, here are the different benefits of incense.

    1. Relaxation

    The fragrance of burning incense is one of the most excellent tools in helping yourself feel relaxed. Light one up, then play a piece of calming music, read a book, or sleep; you will indeed feel comfortable and make you unwind. You can also use incense for relaxation as you take a bath. Just lie down in your tub with a few candles and incense lit up around you, and it will definitely improve your mood for a better relaxation time. 

    Soft fragrances are great tools that can help you unwind. If you’re looking for the best incense for relaxation, we can suggest Cedarwood, Frankincense, or Sandalwood, as they have soft fragrances that will soothe all your worries away.

    2. Spirituality

    Burning incense is considered by some people as a door to a person’s spirituality. Incense has been around for a very long time and has been used in many ways. The most common use of incense, by far, is in religious beliefs and spiritual events.

    Since incense has been around for a long time now, it can be noted that it has been used daily by some of the largest religions in the world, such as Christianity, Hinduism, and Buddhism. Incense has become a part of these religions. In Eastern Christianity and Western Catholicism, the smoke of burning incense is interpreted as prayers that are rising to heaven. 

    3. Medicinal

    Incense has been used as something medicinal for much longer than you think. The first recorded use of incense as a therapeutic tool is documented in Atharva-Veda and Rigveda in the process of Ayurveda, where they use incense in the first phase of healing. It was then incorporated into religious belief later on.

    When incense is burned, it is believed to raise the serotonin levels inside your brain. The rise in the level is caused by the excellent fragrance that is emitted by the incense. It is proven that the effects of burning incense are not harmful and addictive like drugs, but it significantly improves the mood and well-being of a person.

    Serotonin brings a lot of good effects to our bodies, so burning incense is a great thing to do. If you’re trying to find the best incense for medicinal purposes and to boost your serotonin, Rose and Aloewood are at the top of our most recommended list.

    4. Meditation

    One of the most common uses of incense is in meditation. The meditation process includes having your soul relaxed and not having your thoughts mess that up or steer you away. Most people who like to meditate often choose to surround themselves with two or more burning incense for more profound meditation. 

    Since meditation is used to improve the well-being of a person and broaden the awareness of your consciousness, the fragrance brought by burning an incense significantly improves the mood for a better session. If you’re trying to find the best incense for meditation, make sure to get Lotus or Sandalwood, as they are considered to be the most frequently used incense for incense to burn during meditation.

    5. Improve Sleep and Enhance Creativity

    It has been said before that burning incense will significantly improve the Serotonin levels in your brain. The increased serotonin levels do not only improve a person’s mood, but they will also help improve the quality of your sleep and enhance your creativity. 

    Insomnia has been a growing problem for most people nowadays, and many people have struggled to overcome this problem. However, it has been proven that a fragrant smell can help improve your sleep. Instead of using a candle with an open fire that can cause many problems, you now have the option to burn an incense which is safer and more satisfying for some. If you’re trying to find the best incense to improve sleep and get rid of insomnia, you may try Lavender, Chamomile, or Vetiver.

    Did you know that your creativity and mental health can be significantly improved by burning incense? Selecting the right fragrance can enhance your cognitive performance and stimulate ideas to improve your creativity. If you’re trying to find the best incense that can enhance your creativity, make sure to choose the ones with uplifting fragrances such as Aloeswood, Citrus scents, Ylang-Ylang, Lemongrass, and Germanium.

    6. Reduce anxiety and stress and Improve Focus

    Another great benefit of incense is that it will significantly reduce the stress and anxiety that you have. It just affects you in a way that will help give you more clarity and focus than before. Burning incense will encourage your mind to refrain from worrying too much and be easily distracted. It’s a great thing to burn incense if you have an intense amount of work to do and need the highest concentration. If you’re looking for the best incense with this effect, make sure to get pure Sandalwood, Rosemary, or Lavender.

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