• The 3BHK Compact Duplex Evokes an Indian Ethnic Feel but also Incorporate Modern Styles | Sterling Interiors

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    The two main style of interior design are the traditional style comfortable & classic and modern style where form & function are combined for a clean and uncluttered look. The 3BHK compact duplex evokes an Indian ethnic feel but also incorporate modern styles. The house is spread across 2400 square feet.

    The 3BHK Compact Duplex Evokes an Indian Ethnic Feel but also Incorporate Modern Styles | Sterling Interiors

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    With this brief we suggested them for an Indian modernism theme where they could have all the comforts of modern luxuries. The clients had put a lot of faith in us as we moved along this project. We focused to hold on to traditions of clients and bring in the aesthetic modernism to this house.

    Editor’s Note: “An inviting modern residence, bathed in a soothing beige hue, extends a warm welcome into its opulent interiors. Amidst this captivating dreamscape, the bedrooms emerge as the unequivocal stars, adorned with exquisite floral and wildlife wallpapers. Each room is a picturesque canvas, embellished with fluted gold borders that elegantly encompass the thematic designs. Notably, the children’s bedroom boasts a delightful infusion of pink tones, where the graceful arches of peacocks and cranes converge, creating an ambience of playful sophistication. The scene is further enhanced by the inclusion of irresistibly charming fluffy chairs, enhancing the room’s comfort quotient.” ~ Venessa Thomas (Co-Editor)

    An Artful Trasformation Of Modern Spacious Living Room

    Experience comfort with a blend of style when you pick this design for your living room. The modern design comes with striking vertical paneling on the walls. Neutral colors, shade of beige, use of glass& an open plan are the defining a clean fresh ambience.

    We accessorized the space with the Italian leather sofa set& the plush chairs with a beautiful center table create a warm atmosphere. The light grey rug defines this space.

    While the polished marble’s extremely smooth surface allows light to reflect. Floor to ceiling windows bring in an abundance of natural light that makes a home seem more inviting & sheer curtains adds a soft glow to the various surfaces in the living room. The accessories come together to make the space look elegant.

    The huge partition design in center revolves around the space that connect the main functions of the home and hold them together. We pay attention to small details like which wall to highlight & where to give a shadow. The living area is highlighted by a chandelier above. we play a lot of light & strongly recommend that to be a part of any interior design.

    Parent’s Bedroom With Earth Tone

    The parent’s bedroom has an earthy color palette. we have embraced the earth tone trend for its calming consistency in this stylish bedroom. Wall finished with a custom tropical wallpaper inside an arched paneling. The comfy bed finished with leather headrest with multiple layers create a distinct look.

    This beige color combination makes the bedroom super cozy & This rich shade can create a bold statement. Earth colors of brown, beige, & cream can almost be considered neutrals.

    There are several instances when someone would want to hang a mirror in a window.Most of them occur in dress or washroom area, when there isn’t any wall space available and the sink or vanity is right in front of a window. In this case, we designed a hanging mirror in the middle of a window. Just imagine all that natural light hitting your face at just the right angle, helping you put on your make-up and get ready in the morning.

    The Daughter’s Bedroom Inspired By Nature

    Latest interior design trends confirm the continued allegiance to nature & its ways. The imprint of nature will be seen in the inspiration of design. Natural material and textures that add unique calming character of space. A magnificent cane bed style Is another element of the interior design of the luxury bedroom. Here the round side table gives a classic elegance.

    The luxurious bedroom design has amazing racks & wardrobe where your child may store her toys, clothes & accessories also the color & pattern are excellent.

    The addition of this pair of chairs to your bedroom make it look much more elegant. The stylish study space that is a component of the children’s bedroom interior design allows your focus on their everyday academics & activities It’s important to pick a calming color’s for your child bedroom. It creates a nice mood & doesn’t make your home boring.

    Fact File

    Designed by: Sterling Interiors

    Project Type: Residential Interior Design

    Project Name: Shree Ram Villa

    Location: Raipur, Chhattisgarh

    Year Built: 2023

    Duration of the project: 9 Months

    Plot Area: 2400 Sq.ft

    Built-up Area: 4500 Sq.ft

    Principal Designers: Ajay Mudgal & Pratik Kale

    Photograph Courtesy: Noaidwin Sttudio

    Products/Materials/Vendors: Doors and Partitions – Ply / Sanitaryware – Hansgrohe & Kohler / Windows – Fenesta / Flooring – Italian Marble / Kitchen – Modular / Paint – Asian Paint / Hardware – Hafele.

    Firm’s Instagram Link: Sterling Interiors

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