Penthouse Apartment which Amalgamates Contemporary With Tradition| KN Associates

Penthouse Apartment Which Amalgamates Contemporary With Tradition | KN Associates The primary idea was to amalgamate contemporary with tradition”, says Mr. Narendra Joshi, The chief designer at KN Associates. Having established himself in the parallels of designing and photography, Joshi always works with a strong vision for the given space in his head. The residential[Read More]

A Contemporary Villa On Traditional Ideals | DREAMSCAPE ARCHITECTS

A Contemporary Villa On Traditional Ideals | DREAMSCAPE ARCHITECTS A contemporary villa developed on traditional ideals, Chikoowadi (a farm of sapodilla trees) houses a family of 6 that included the owners, their son, their daughter, their mother, and a pet dog. The clients envisioned an inward looking house with a courtyard, a quintessential feature/element in the[Read More]

3BHK Traditional Styled Abode | Mitesh Antala And Janaki Hakani

  3BHK Traditional Styled Abode | Mitesh Antala And Janaki Hakani Brief This project features a strong culmination of ideas and the client’s field of interest and works into the concept of design. The client a couturier of Bridal attire has a high sense of style and a love for fabrics, prints and work details.[Read More]

Rooftop Bar and Kitchen | ColabCompany

Rooftop Bar and Kitchen | ColabCompany Ar. Hiren Ganatra of ColabCompany conjures sheer quintessential Moroccan charisma with Shalom, a Mumbai based Rooftop Bar & Kitchen. Eclectic hues, patterns & a collage of textures bathe the premises of Shalom, a multicuisine restrobar envisioned & curated by Ar. Hiren Ganatra & team in Chembur, Mumbai. Designed for the[Read More]

A blend of tradition and modernity | Tangerine Turfs

A blend of tradition and modernity| Tangerine Turfs They say a house must reflect art and cultural practices of the region it is in, to truly become a home. In the case of this 2700 sq.ft apartment in Hyderabad, the rich art traditions of India come together to create a vibrant, rich atmosphere! This project,[Read More]

Fusion Of Modern And Traditional House | Atelier Interiors

Fusion Of Modern And Traditional House | Atelier Interiors  Our client Mr. Gaurang makwana wanted to have a house where he could connect to his parents and the culture.  He wanted his child to be attached to traditions and know the glory of the colors. So he insists us to do it .he also wanted to be in[Read More]

Office Reflecting Traditional Elements | Bond Studio PVT LTD

Office Reflecting Traditional Elements | Bond Studio PVT LTD ‘With a requirement from our client to have a unique office reflecting as their own office as photographic element with an economy budget in area about 300 sq-ft. We strongly believe a true design comes from an inspiration, and it was time to cultivate our inspiration[Read More]

Ancient Egyptian Architecture Ideas: Combination Of Art And History

Great as they were as a civilization, Egypt had specific conditions followed by descendants for thousands of years. Biggest among these were two things. One was their dependence on the Nile. Most of their architectural monuments stretched along this great River Nile. The other was how Egyptians worshipped their pharaoh with unquestioned loyalty. And for[Read More]

Contemporised Paraphrase Of a traditional house | 4th Axis Design Studio

Contemporised Paraphrase Of a traditional house | 4th Axis Design Studio We created a contemporised paraphrase of a traditional house with rooms around a courtyard, where the household remains closely knit around familial ties yet each member enjoys the privileges suited to the Maliwal family’s modern lifestyle. Courtyards – the charming tool that served as[Read More]

Contemporary Interpretation Of A Traditional Decor,Bangalore | Land Studio

Contemporary Interpretation Of A Traditional Decor, Bangalore | Land Studio Land Studio is a Bangalore based team of architects, interior designers and product designers.We believe that design should send a message of emotion. By using traditional art and balancing it with modernity, we strive to produce designs that is creative, contextual, clever, contemporary with inspirations from[Read More]