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Posted On February 03, 2023

Should I Study Interior Design or Architecture?

Should I study architecture or Interior Design? This is a question every high school graduate comes across. Moreover, the difference is not as commonly clear as it seems. Students often...

Posted On April 07, 2020

Top 10 Architecture Courses for Beginners (USA)

The journey to becoming an architect is not easy. In addition to the high tuition, the selective and highly competitive admission process causes a lot of trouble for those who...

Posted On March 21, 2020

Interior Customization of Study Room

Have you ever thought about what affects the way you perform at school or college? It probably won’t be a revelation if we say that there is a whole bunch...

Posted On July 16, 2019

What You Need To Know About Becoming An Architect

Architecture is a term with various meanings. Generally, it refers to buildings and other structures, but it is ideally the science and art of designing structures or buildings as well...

  • Posted On June 01, 2019

    Becoming an Architect: The Essential Guide

    Choosing a career path is a big thing to do, but once you have a direction in life, there will be no stopping your ambition. A great industry to get...