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Posted On February 27, 2024

Embraces Minimalistic Aesthetics And Exposed Concrete Ceilings | Studio Deshi

The architectural shell embraces minimalistic aesthetics and exposed concrete ceilings with expansive glass pane windows that provide a clean and contemporary foundation. Yet, it is within this backdrop that a...

Posted On November 01, 2023

A Captivating Family Home, Seamlessly Blending Tradition and Modernity | Studio Deshi

Designed for a family of five, this tenement effortlessly captures the essence of three generations, embodying an Indian Modern style that is visually striking and emotionally evocative. ‘Infinite Threads’ is...

Posted On July 03, 2021

Organic, Natural and Sustainable Store | Studio Deshi

Organic, Natural and Sustainable Store | Studio Deshi The Retail Identity of Farm Se Store and its future franchises was developed as an extension of their brand philosophy. The brand...