An Eclectic Take On Contemporary Modern Style Of Design | De’UJA DESIGNS

The approach to the design was to create a space that is monochrome yet sober house, by curation of experiences through charming ambience and utilizing the maximum space. Restricting the palate to white grey, black concrete and wood was necessary as, wood is a centuries old material and concrete being modern, they both age gracefully.[Read More]

3BHK at Lodha Bellissimo | Quirk studio

3BHK at Lodha Bellissimo | Quirk studio This 3BHK residence at Lodha Bellissimo by Quirk studio belongs to a young working couple with their two lovely little girls. The brief from the client was to keep it clutter free and still spacious for their girls to run around but at the same time cozy and warm[Read More]

Italian Style Apartment | PDC Architects

Italian Style Apartment | PDC Architects GOLWALA’S RESIDENCE Brief The Project features a strong culmination of ideas backed by an Italian theme. The design involved intricate detailing and exploration, which were exclusively selected to make this residence evolve into a crafted space as per the client’s satisfaction. FACT FILE Architectural Firm: PDC Architects Project: Residential[Read More]