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Posted On December 23, 2023

Canopy house is a secure space for exploration, detailing and connections | Mind Manifestation

Surrounded by lush green trees in a plotted development in the city of Pune, Canopy house is planned to allow spatial interaction within and beyond the spaces with the landscape...

Posted On December 23, 2023

An orchestra of intricate design, patterns and décor styles | AN Design

In the residential clasp of Hyderabad, Edha Home has an intricate design to its name paired with subtle luxury. Designing this 3,400 sq. ft. space was a meditation to our...

Posted On December 23, 2023

This residential interior is a synonym of minimal design | TROPICAL AXIOM

“The Harp” is a two storey residential interior designed for a couple and their two working young children in the rural context of Thrissur. Clients wanted their home to be...

Posted On December 07, 2023

In this residence, natural light is the Showstopper | Studio Bāham Architects

Soaring up to three levels, Studio Bāham architects have captured natural light and its nuances in the most artistical way. Selling a vision of a lifestyle is part of our...

  • Posted On December 05, 2023

    A Soulful Presentation of Terracotta Jali | DF Architects

    With the ever successful combination of brick patterns, terracotta jali and gray shade, 2box house renders a blissful feeling of home. 2box house was conceptually conceived as a home that...

    Posted On December 04, 2023

    A Modest Ancestral Home that Makes Time Stand Still in its Conform | Studio 3TwentyOne

    Studio 3TwentyOne aims to stir nostalgia by reviving this ancestral home rested on a lush piece of land in Kerala. The renovation of “Pullolickel Veedu,” a 100-year-old ancestral home in...

    Posted On November 27, 2023

    A Modern bungalow with Weighted Double Height Living | Ekam Studio

    In the city of Vadodara, Ekam Studio has designed this modern bungalow that portrays shades of monochrome and wood within its built mass. In this modern bungalow, we created a...

    Posted On November 20, 2023

    Discover A Unique Red House in the Urbanized Ahmedabad | The Design Story

    A red house color-blocking exterior design by The Design Story stands uniquely in the urbanized city of Ahmedabad. The Design Story is an Ahmedabad-based design studio who has brought a...