Elevating the Atmosphere of Simple Aesthetics in this Office Interiors | The Arch Studio

This bright, light office is the perfect place to think and create. We envision every project initially with a hand sketch and then follow the 3d views and renders. This process helps us rely on our instincts of imagination. We believe that spaces must inspire hope with physical and emotional depth and facilitate a connection[Read More]

The Grey Box : Fitting in with Cityscape and Elements of Natural Appeal | Traanspace

A reference to Brutalist architecture, characteristic of minimalist modern constructions enhancing the beauty of simplicity, The Grey Box is an unconventional take on commercial space design. It delineates spaces and establishes unhindered boundaries. Being a largely open floor plan, the conference room is the last of private enclosed spaces required. Being a critical space, it[Read More]

This Office Space in Pune is Characterized by Bamboo and Greens | Silhouette Architects and Designers

The redesign of this small space responds to the appearance of a Peepal tree that was non existent when we had moved into this space 14 years ago. The beautiful tree has grown up in all these years side by side along with our practice. It has also brought along constant chirping of birds &[Read More]

Shreehari : The Office Space Brings Together Various Functional Elements With Thoughtful Playfulness  | Adhwa Architecture Interiors

A confident image and spaces that reassure a brand value can be of utmost importance to a company dealing with immigration services. The revamp for Shreehari Immigration office required not only a facelift in terms of interior space, but also rethinking of the overall functional layout. With a focus on optimising work areas, while also[Read More]

Balance Between Practical and Transcendental Design Through Constant Re-Invention of Office Space : The Corrugated Space | Little Box Design Studio

A Design built on a principle of simplicity and honesty, Little Box Design studio begins each project by asking what it means to its users and the context. They strive to balance between the practical and transcendental criteria through constant re-invention in the field. The studio believes that design is harmony – between man and[Read More]

Residence as well as Workplace Fused in this Contemporary Style Home with Earthy Materials | Jihan Associates 

Originally belonging to Jaipur, Rajasthan, and shifted to Vadodara long back, Yogesh Katta and  his family was habituated with living in traditional homes adorned with antique furniture. When  the requirement to build a new home arose, his family was sure about one thing. They wanted  change. Also the client wanted to have a building which[Read More]

Minimalistic, Functional and Aesthetic Commercial Space | Studio Blank Canvas

A young automation company spreading it’s wings in Ahmedabad came to us with an office space to design. Storage was of utmost priority for them, intending to use every corner, while at the same time not compromising on the functionality and aesthetics, As in typical commercial spaces, there was only one window, in this case facing[Read More]

Open and Energising Office Space Improving Indoor Air Quality & Stimulating Active Habits | Urban Narratives

The most significant factor influencing employee motivation, productivity, and happiness is the work environment. A healthy workplace improves efficiency and reduces costs related to absenteeism, turnover, workers’ compensation, and medical claims. In addition, employees spend significant hours of their lives at work, rendering it imperative to have a positive and healthy space for productivity. Open[Read More]

Space Planning Focused on Creating Visually Interconnected Office Space | Studio Infinity

Space Planning Focused on Creating Visually Interconnected Office Space | Studio Infinity The project came to us with a challenging space and the client’s aspiration to have an office that will ‘stand-out’ from other travel offices in the city. Our initial thoughts focused around proper utilization of the odd shaped floor space and to create a[Read More]

An Office Space with Visual Connectivity and Framed Compositions : The Metal and Tool Project | Sparc Design

An Office Space with Visual Connectivity and Framed Compositions : The Metal and Tool Project | Sparc Design Visit : Sparc Design For a company that largely deals in metal cutting tools used mainly in Automotive sector- We attempted to play with  all elements – metal , texture and wood to redefine an industrial modern[Read More]