Industrial Office Design Where Raw Exposed Meet Grainy | THE CROSSBOUNDARIES

Step into an industrial office design where raw, exposed meet grainy veneers, creating an edgy yet sophisticated atmosphere. This 1200 sq.ft workspace seamlessly combines the rugged charm of industrial aesthetics with the warmth of natural elements, fostering creativity and making every workday an engaging experience.

Industrial Office Design Where Raw, Exposed Meet Grainy Veneers | THE CROSSBOUNDARIES

industrial office design

Reception Area

As you enter, you are greeted by a modern and inviting reception area, the heart of our workspace. The reception’s design seamlessly blends aesthetics and functionality, setting the tone for a productive and creative atmosphere.

Beyond the reception, the office unfolds into a vibrant open workspace adorned with island workstations. The layout encourages interaction and teamwork, fostering a sense of unity among employees. The island workstations are strategically arranged, providing a balance between individual focus and team collaboration. Each workstation is equipped with cutting-edge technology, ensuring efficiency and innovation at every desk.

Adjacent to the buzzing work area stands a sleek library unit, a silent testament to our commitment to knowledge and continuous learning. Stocked with a curated selection of resources, it serves as a quiet retreat for employees seeking inspiration or a moment of introspection.

industrial office design

A focal point of the office is the glass-covered conference room with a prominent position at the front. This space embodies transparency and openness, allowing natural light to flood the room and stimulate creativity during meetings and brainstorming sessions.

industrial office design

As you venture deeper into the office, you’ll discover the directors’ cabins discreetly tucked away at the rear. These cabin design consider both privacy and panoramic views. The glass facade offers the directors an unobstructed view of the surroundings, creating an inspiring backdrop for strategic decision-making.

industrial office design

Cabin Spatial Planning

The thoughtful placement of the cabins reflects our commitment to leadership accessibility while maintaining a connection with the broader team.

industrial office design

The entire office design is a harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality, fostering a work culture that values collaboration, innovation, and employee well-being.

It’s not just a workspace; it’s a symphony of creativity, productivity, and forward-thinking – a testament to Alsec’s commitment to excellence. Welcome to a workplace where every detail is meticulously crafted to inspire success!

The lighting system is not just functional but becomes a stylish focal point. The exposed lighting adds a modern touch, providing ample illumination to enhance productivity and create a vibrant atmosphere around your tables. Illuminate your surroundings with both efficiency and style, elevating your space to a new level of sophistication.

industrial office design

Fact File

Designed by:

Project Type: Office Interior Design


Location: Vadodara

Year Built: 2023

Duration of the project: 1 Year

Project Size: 1200 Sq.Ft

Principal Architect: Harsh Boghani

Team Design Credits: Rishabh Prajapati, Vijay Dabhi, Ved , Abhishek & Karan

Photograph Courtesy:
2613 Aperture

Products/Materials/Vendors: Wallcovering / Cladding – Exposed brickwork / Doors and Partitions– kubix

Project Manager: Sandip Padhiyar


The Firm’s Instagram Link: THE CROSSBOUNDARIES


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