Subtle Elegance Embellished With Custom Details And Design Aesthetics | Silky Dhillon Design Studio

The Jain Residence at Avighna IX, Mumbai, is a pure embodiment of timeless design, grandeur, luxury and comfort. This 2BHK residence synthesizes subtle elegance embellished with custom details and design aesthetics. Envisioned by Principal Designer Silky Dhillon, this 800sq.ft holiday home strings together minimalist yet catchy elements that add to its refined look. The Dubai-based[Read More]

Simple And Classic Home Wrapped In A Feel-Good Vibe | INNOVER BY SAKSHI GEHANI
Classic Home

Through the first phase of the pandemic, I completed a Mumbai based 2bhk for a very sweet family doing up their very first home. While the project was completed, both the client and our team built a delightful bond through the process. Sometime passed and the client approached me to do their second home which[Read More]

A Modern Contemporary Home Distinctive To The Client’s Family | SK Design studio
Modern Contemporary

Our client wanted a design that was sleek and elegant, with Modern Contemporary interior. They wanted a minimalistic & clutter-free look. The major materials used in entire project were Satin finish laminates, Fluted wooden panels and mirror & MDF moulding. The best design or concept of this flat is the hidden bedroom door for kitchen[Read More]

Of Design Patterns And Textures With Quirky Details | RN DEESIGN

Smart and well balanced colorful interiors, designed for a family of six, which draws a balanced palette of design patterns and textures with quirky details. Of Design Patterns And Textures With Quirky Details | RN DEESIGN visit : RN DEESIGN Doorway to this apartment has been made interesting with a two-toned color paneling, visually elevating[Read More]

A Studio Without Any Boundaries | Dhruti Hamlai & Arwa Lokhandwala Designs

“Simplicity is all about Subtracting the Obvious and adding the Meaningful” Designers Dhruti Hamlai and Arwa Dholkawala were inspired by the name of this new project ‘Boundless’- which translates to having no boundaries; infinite or vast; unlimited, and decided that the very definition of the name should inform the interiors of this multidisciplinary studio located[Read More]

A Homely, Simple, Cosy Home | Poorv Design Co

When we entered the house for the first time, it was a bare shell with interesting and beautiful views and lots of Natural Light coming in from huge full-length windows. We instantly knew it’s strengths and we decided to plan our design around the room’s strengths. Our client’s brief was very simple; they wanted A[Read More]

A Minimalistic Approach That Infuses The Idea Of ‘Less Is More’ | Kreon Projects

This 1040sq.ft. apartment located in Navi Mumbai designed by Parag Supe (Kreon Projects) belongs to a family of 2 generations. We believe that art is the soul of every project. It’s a 2BHK apartment having a Master Bedroom, a Parent’s Bedroom, and a huge terrace. A minimalistic approach that infuses the idea of ‘Less Is[Read More]

The Soft And Bright Balance In This Spacious, Welcoming, Contemporary Abode At This Suburban Mumbai Home | Kaizaad Mehta Architects

Olive green and champagne pink marry in perfect harmony, while still maintaining enough of a clash to create a visual buzz in the finished effect of this suburban Mumbai home. The Soft And Bright Balance In This Spacious, Welcoming Abode At Suburban Mumbai Home | Kaizaad Mehta Architects Visit : Kaizaad Mehta Architects In the[Read More]

The Colorful Vaastu Compliant Home | Transform Designstudio

Nestled in one of the high-rise towers of Mumbai, this contemporary home is an amalgamation of creative ideas, a fresh color palette, and cozy corners that create a vibe for every occasion. The Clients were looking for a designer and a design firm, who would completely renovate and revamp the space from scratch and give[Read More]

Natural Light and Muted Palette enhances this Workspace in Mumbai | Radhika Utpat Studio & The Design Corner

“Space Between Screens” is an office interior project done in collaboration with Mumbai-based firms Radhika Utpat Studio and The Design Corner. Architects Radhika Utpat and Shruti Dandekar were approached with a modest space and an elaborate set of requirements for an investment Firm. The design response embraced multifunctionality and minimalism to deliver a workspace that[Read More]