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Posted On June 21, 2021

How Experts Test Quartz Countertops Durability

Your kitchen and bathroom are some of the busiest areas in your house. When you have a place with such high traffic, it should be ready to meet all your...

Posted On April 20, 2021

What is the Best Countertop for Outdoor Kitchens?

Having an outdoor living kitchen area is a fantastic addition to any home. Choosing counters for an outdoor kitchen is just as important if not more important than the kitchens...

Posted On August 18, 2020

Bear Caution and Avoid These Common Kitchen Design Fails

Designing the perfect kitchen starts with a thought and a blueprint. With countless designs you can mix and match with, there’s no telling whether your plan works out in reality,...

Posted On June 30, 2020

An Underground Kitchen Showroom Which Has Its Roots Tied To Italy | I.E Design

An Underground Kitchen Showroom Which Has Its Roots Tied To Italy | I.E Design Founded in the 1950s, Binova is among the top 20 European Kitchen brands based out of...

  • Posted On March 12, 2020

    9 Surefire Ways to Keep Your Kitchen Counters Organized

    When it takes you more than a few seconds to reach your new tableware or the items on the counter begin to compete with you for your workspace, then you...

    Posted On January 01, 2020

    What makes granite kitchen countertops unbeatable?

    The gorgeous looks of granite light up the home interiors, and homeowners can create luxurious looking kitchens with granite countertops that spell elegance and class. Granite & marble kitchen countertops...

    Posted On November 16, 2019

    Why is porcelain considered a good material for your kitchen countertop?

    When you do your kitchen, the choice of material for its countertop plays a critical part. After all, it is the place where you have to prepare all types of...