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Posted On December 02, 2023

This Vernacular Style Home Transports You to a Vintage Countryside | Archaic Design Studio

In an otherwise modern setting, ‘Champakunj’ follows a path of vernacular style in the most honest and authentic way. Right in the middle of the city’s chaos sits a residence...

Posted On October 11, 2023

A Testament to the Art of Clean Lines, Minimal Aesthetics and a Soothing Neutral Color Palette | Archaic Design Studio

Editor’s Note: A thoroughly well-to-do palette of neutral tones braces this apartment. Dipped in the goodness of simplicity, ‘Kalariya’s residence’ is indeed soothing in its demeanor while carrying a hint...

Posted On January 02, 2023

3BHK Apartment Conceptualized As An Amalgamation Of Opulence And Serenity | Archaic Design Studio

Designed by Archaic Design Studio, this 1300 sq.ft, residential apartment is located in the suburban area of Ahmedabad. The 3BHK apartment conceptualized as an amalgamation of opulence and serenity, was...

Posted On October 21, 2022

The Vora’s Penthouse Exhibits Elegance, Lavishness And Modernist Features | ARCHAIC DESIGN STUDIO

The Vora’s Penthouse exhibits elegance, lavishness and modernist features of the design. This renovated adobe at the city of Ahmedabad is consciously curated with elegant choices of materials and subtle...