HIKMA – A Religious and Secular Complex | atelier masōmī + studio chahar

HIKMA – A Religious and Secular Complex | atelier masōmī + studio chahar Designers: atelier masōmī + studio chahar Designed by atelier masomi + studio chahar, In the 9th century AD, Muslim scholars made remarkable contributions to the sciences and humanities in Bagdad’s Bayt al-Hikma, or House of Wisdom, a library and research center housing the world’s largest collection[Read More]

Tongren Olympic Sports Center | RMJM

Tongren Olympic Sports Center | RMJM Designer: RMJM ‘Zipao’ jade can be found on the Fanjing Mountain of Tong Ren City. RMJM’s design proposal draws inspiration from the shapes of traditional Chinese jade objects to influence architectural forms. The metallic material selected covers the outside of the building in a warm luster like the texture[Read More]

Introducing the Jiangyin Greenway Designed by BAU Brearley Architects + Urbanists.

Introducing the Jiangyin Greenway |BAU Brearley Architects + Urbanists. weaving and stitching The Jiangyin Greenway belongs to a growing movement in China towards healthy, sustainable transportation and urban enjoyment. The infrastructure of this scale has an opportunity, or more correctly a responsibility, to create meaningful places in the city. It is also seen as an opportunity[Read More]

Picazo Architects unveils residential high rise and mixed use design for the city of Dubai.

Picazo Architects Unveils Residential High Rise And Mixed-Use Design For The City Of Dubai. Designed By : Picazo Architects Aqua Marina towers has been conceived as a two modern and innovative towers linked by three long bridges containing swimming pools and outdoor terrace spaces elevated up in the air and overlooking the city and sea views.[Read More]