Going Green: the Viability of Eco-friendly Building

&nbsp In the last ten years, more people have gone green with home and office eco-friendly building than ever before. True, the environment is under severe strain, so it’s only logical to construct homes in an eco-friendly way. But coming down to the details, how do you know if it is actually viable to build[Read More]

An introduction to the Concept of Green Building from the view point of Architects!

&nbsp Green Building or Sustainable Architecture is the practice of creating structures in which the resources are used optimally throughout the stage of development of a building. In a standard building, there is more energy consumption, and wastage of water and high-cost bills generated whereas in green buildings or sustainable buildings have minimal wastage of[Read More]

6 Trends Revolutionizing Green Building Designs

&nbsp Green building will continue to grow globally, particularly in Europe, North America and fast-growing countries in the Middle East, South America, and the Asia-Pacific region. Every year, many government agencies, property managers, corporate real estate managers, and universities strive to incorporate green design ideas when renovating old structures or building new ones. So if[Read More]

Material Selection Strategies for Designing Green Buildings and Earning A LEED Certification

&nbsp Construction and demolition waste constitutes almost half of the total solid waste stream in the United States. However, there are much better alternatives than classifying items as waste, and there are many ways to reduce the environmental harm associated with materials. Using fewer materials, choosing environmentally preferable materials, using locally harvested materials, and eliminating[Read More]

GRIHA launches CITIES rating at the inaugural of the 10th GRIHA Summit

&nbsp • Council focuses efforts towards building green cities • Signs two MoUs with Global Association for Corporate Services (GCAS) & with Public Works Department (PWD), Govt of Maharashtra New Delhi, December 11, 2018: Continuing the legacy of building a sustainable green future, Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment (GRIHA) Council kicked-off the 10th GRIHA[Read More]

Gujarat’s First IGBC Green Home Platinum Rating Housing Project | THE gRID Architects
IGBC Green Home

&nbsp Gujarat’s First IGBC Green Home Platinum Rating Housing Project | THE gRID Architects Vision Sustainable compact green building. Endorse and encourage community living. Inclusive of quality public spaces. To connect with the earth, sky, water and nature. Ideology The imminent need to build homes to reduce carbon footprint. To design an energy-efficient building. The[Read More]