Going Green: the Viability of Eco-friendly Building

In the last ten years, more people have gone green with home and office eco-friendly building than ever before. True, the environment is under severe strain, so it’s only logical to construct homes in an eco-friendly way. But coming down to the details, how do you know if it is actually viable to build green? There are quite a few things to consider.

If you’re seriously deciding whether to construct your next building in the most eco-friendly way possible, start by doing some research. Here’s what you need to know about building green in 2020.

The Elements of Green Building

There are four main green building elements need to be considered in terms of sustainability:

  • Materials. Your materials should be taken from renewable sources as far as possible. But this begs the question of whether you be denuding forests to build your home. Do some research into what materials are the most renewable and cost-effective. Materials found locally are usually considered more sustainable. Recycled or reused materials are good options as well an eco-friendly bamboo product can add up to the idea of sustainability see Ecoy.
  • Energy. Going solar is probably the best option energy-wise, depending on the amount of sun your county receives. This decision will need to be made early so that the house can be built in the best position to catch the most sun. Use natural lighting as far as possible, and put in appliances that are known to be energy-saving.
  • Water. As far as water is concerned, you will need to put in reticulation systems for harvesting rain and grey water. It is also advisable to purchase water-wise appliances and water-saving technologies. Solar geysers are a great way to save energy as well.
  • Health. The impact of a building on health is also gaining momentum, especially for commercial buildings. Building materials should be non-toxic, moisture resistant, and non-VOC to minimize illnesses. The quality of the air is also important, making good ventilation and insulation crucial.

A good eco-building will have a balance of these elements.

Laying the Land

Building green is essentially about being as kind as possible on the land where you are building. You will, however, need to do some clearing and leveling. Try where possible to preserve your plot’s trees as much as possible, especially if they are indigenous. Employing local labour is also more sustainable.

As of now, it’s not possible to construct without taking a dent out of the natural land. Remember that some traditional construction methods will still apply, like excavating and land clearing. However, companies like Ace Construction Texas build with sustainability and eco-awareness in mind.

What is the Longevity of Green Buildings?

The more often a material component will have to be replaced on your building, the less sustainable it is. Before you start buying, make sure the items you want to purchase will last.

You also need to consider the waste aspects of materials and select supplies with the least waste as far as possible.

Does Building Green Cost More?

The initial construction and general set up of a green building may cost more (by about 5%), but as the materials are to last, the savings will accumulate over time in the running costs.

As less water and electricity are used, for example, your monthly costs will be reduced significantly. Research shows that green buildings are nearly 15% cheaper to operate than traditional buildings. It will also save time and money to hire a construction company that is experienced in green building.

Building an eco-friendly structure is not much more expensive than traditional building, and the operating costs are much less. It may just take more time.

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