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Posted On January 08, 2024

15 Innovative Glass Partition Designs That Transform Spaces

Glass partition Designs are a widespread preference for various spaces due to their benefits such as natural light, aesthetic appeal, flexibility, improved collaboration, privacy options, sound control, durability, and easy...

Posted On May 26, 2022

50 Appealing Partition Wall Ideas with Timeless Designs

Open floor plans are becoming increasingly popular with residences and office spaces to witness a change in space planning and subsequently planning of partition walls. These partition walls are not...

Posted On April 01, 2021

A Transparent Office Design Giving Notional Enclosure | Forum-Advaita

A Transparent Office Design Giving Notional Enclosure | Forum-Advaita CLIENT BRIEF The clients who are real estate property consultants, unlike regular, wished to have an aspirational office experience, Their idea...

Posted On June 10, 2020

Ideas for changing old windows with replacement glass windows

If you have decided to replace the old windows of your home or business, you will first have to take into consideration which type of replacement glass windows will best...

  • Posted On June 02, 2020

    Top Reasons Why Frosted Glass is Most Favorite in Office Settings

    Using Frosted glass in residential and office buildings is on-trend. It adds allure to all commercial and home spaces by adding the touch of style and elegance. Frosted glass is famous for...