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Posted On January 30, 2024

Walkable City: Exploring Pedestrian Spaces in Urban India

A walkable city focuses on “walkability,” which refers to the extent to which an area or environment is conducive and inviting for walking as a mode of transportation and recreation....

Posted On January 05, 2024

15 Types of Streets: Decoding the Urban Tapestry

The types of streets play a pivotal role in shaping the character and functionality of cities. the streets, the pulsating arteries of urban areas, intricately weave the tapestry of city...

Posted On January 01, 2024

Difference Between Street and Avenue: A Thoroughfare Tale

Examining the urban landscape reveals the subtle difference between street and avenue layouts, which are crucial elements shaping cityscapes. While both serve as vital conduits, their differences delineate distinct functionalities...

Posted On February 13, 2021

5 Cities In Ontario With Stunning Architecture

Are you ready to witness the best architecture Ontario has to offer? Sure, the Eiffel Tower of France and the Colosseum in Rome are both spectacular pieces of architecture. However,...

  • Posted On February 29, 2020

    Pros and Cons of Staying in the Heart of the City in Faridabad

    As Compared to its neighbouring cities such as Gurgaon (now known as Gurugram), Faridabad is a small city. However, the pace at which the city is developing is really an...

    Posted On January 29, 2020

    The definitive guide to getting around Monaco

    The definitive guide to getting around Monaco New to Monaco? Perhaps you’ve just moved to the principality or are visiting for the first time. If, so then read on for...

    Posted On December 27, 2018

    Top 5 reasons living in Jagatpura, Jaipur is actually awesome

    With so much of development going around in Jaipur, it is grabbing a lot of home buyers attention. Jagatpura is one of the main areas that is becoming popular for...