The House In 1970 | Architects Collaborative

&nbsp The House In 1970 | Architects Collaborative In a high-density urban precinct of New Delhi, the project, a small 100 sqm. the plot is nestled among similar-sized plotted residences. With a context defined by haphazard organic development and bare design intent, The House in 1970 advocates itself as an example denouncing either. A dual family[Read More]

Brick Home | Vir.Mueller Architects

&nbsp Text description provided by the architects. This brick home has been designed for the cohabitation of several generations on a close-knit Indian family. The main entrance of the house arrives at an interior courtyard, offering light and ventilation in the heart of the home. The courtyard is richly patterned in brick, playing with dramatic shadows[Read More]

Top 10 brick houses in India

&nbsp Top 10 brick houses in India Brick houses look elegant and has its own character. Brick as the material by itself has many benefits which is why it is generally used in India from years. Brick is easy to maintain, easy to reuse in renovation, no concerns of peeling, denting, rotting or fading. Brick[Read More]