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Posted On February 12, 2024

Joshi House Embodies An Artistic Articulation Of Circular Structures | Anahata Architects

The Joshi House embodies an artistic articulation of circular structures and volumes. The relationship between art and architecture is a dynamic symbiosis, an intricate dance where form, function, and aesthetics...

Posted On January 23, 2024

White Interior Design With Tasteful Bursts of Indian Wedding Colors | The Auburn Studio

Striking a delicate balance between a potentially monotonous all white palette and an overly theatrical wedding theme, we proposed an innovative concept: an all white interior design with tasteful bursts...

Posted On November 22, 2023

An Ode to Vintage Cinema in Modern Design | Studio HC

For the modern design that entails theatre homes, this project has a classical twist: it is inspired from vintage cinema. Studio HC has collaborated with Ergate Architecture for Cinephile Cinemas...

Posted On August 03, 2023

20 Best Designed International Airports In India

Airports are the gateway to a city or a country. The International Airports in India leave behind an essence of the region while also being relatable in some aspects. The...

  • Posted On June 02, 2023

    Remnants Of The Colonial Era Are Reflected In The Architectural Style, Gable-Tiled Roof, Antique Furniture, And Curios In The House | Studio 4A

    “The effect of natural light can decide the temperament of not only a resident, but the space itself too. Wide openings invite the bright rays of sun inside while the...

    Posted On April 25, 2023

    A Courtyard House In Bangalore With Giant Wood Louvers In The Front Façade | Kamat & Rozario Architecture

    Kamat & Rozario Architecture is a Bangalore-based multi-disciplinary firm, specializing in interior designs and architecture designs a courtyard house with giant wood louvers in the front façade for their recent...

    Posted On April 24, 2019

    House Around A Tree | 4site Architects

    House Around A Tree | 4site Architects A Single residence in a 40’-0” X 60’-0” plot evolved from a rigorous inquiry into the particulars of location and program. Our client,...