House Around A Tree | 4site Architects

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House Around A Tree | 4site Architects

A Single residence in a 40’-0” X 60’-0” plot evolved from a rigorous inquiry into the particulars of location and program. Our client, Mr. P.V.Varghese, is a valued partner, in our collaborative design process. As a response to his design brief, we came up with the idea of “Tree hugger House”.n“As an architect, one needs to design a built environment, rather than just being a shelter.”


With the understanding of our client’s background (from Kerala-God’s own country), priorities, values, and inspirations, likes and dislikes we got to know our challenges. First one was to create a contemporary residence with Values of Kerala architecture and interior spaces that would resonate with the client’s personality.

The Essence- Special Features
In a dense urban context, we embraced nature with our built environment to focus on the dichotomy of interior and exteriors. The Palm tree that divides the parking and pedestrian path at a lower level act as a visual treat from Master Bed and common balcony at first floor with its foliage flowing into the balcony.

The choice of limited colors in the material palette helps in drawing the focus towards the landscape and the wood used in the interiors. Wood was used as the key element that added: “color and texture” that brought in warmth and richness to the spatial organization. The landscape is the focal element in this project that knits the entire built and un-built together and highlights the liveliness in the neighborhood. The dynamics within the home change with respect to the seasonal changes the landscape elements undergo.

Concept:  Tree Hugger
Our Client is close to nature and wanted his dream house with a close connection to nature as it reminded him of his home and childhood. So he asked us to “design a House around a Tree.” Our challenge was to achieve the same ambiance in an urban scenario. The large footprint of a traditional Kerala home and its virtues had to be imbibed in a smaller urban footprint.

The concept was conceived as an abstraction of the traditional “Nadumuttam (central courtyard) concept” in most of the houses in Kerala, wherein the homes are composed around a focal landscape feature usually a Tulsi plant.

As a response to his design brief, we came up with the idea of a ‘house that embraces trees’ we call it a ‘’Tree hugger, a contemporary urban residence with values of Kerala Architecture.’’

Materials of Construction:
Structure:  Framed RCC structure and Solid Concrete block walls as in-fill.
Fenestrations:  Wooden Doors and UPVC windows

1. The “Vertical Drops” on the facades (acts as a screen ) from neighbors, made of Aluminium boxes and plastered over MS mesh.
2. Sika Crack resistance Material used for exteriors to get a smooth finish.
3. High-Pressure Laminate panel as composition.
Interiors: FSC Certified Teak wood was used for doors and windows, wooden steps, wooden flooring and for little furniture.

Architects: 4site architects

Location: Bengaluru, India

Category: Houses Interiors

Lead Architects: Chandrakant. Kanthigavi

Team: Rohit Baligidad, Madhusudhan, Veema Haridas, Bhagyashri

Area: 3300.0 ft2

Photographs: Gokul Rao Kadam

Design Team: Nimisha Varghese, Anagha K

Client: P.V. Varghese, Bengaluru




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