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Posted On February 16, 2024

Apparel Store Creates A Strong Expression Through Spaces | Projected Rays

The design of this apparel store creates a strong expression through spaces. The design brief was to design an apparel retail with the western wear product being the main highlight....

Posted On October 14, 2023

Fine Dine Restaurant With A Sensory Dining Experience Where Food And Design Merge | Projected Rays Design

Editor’s Note: Led through a studded stone pathway, Projected Rays have created Chandigarh’s next ambiance and food destination by inculcating the limelight elements. A sensory continuum of swayed waves along...

Posted On April 21, 2023

Unique Textures And Bold Colors Make This Modern Office Design Visually Exhilarating | Projected Rays Design

The design of this office space was to aim for a modern and visually stimulating environment that promotes productivity and collaboration. Unique textures and bold colors makes this modern office...

Posted On March 13, 2023

The Cafe Design Of The Brew Estate Is Wrapped By A Unique Screened Façade | Projected Rays Design

The building sits patiently in the busy city scape, where the cafe design of The Brew Estate is wrapped by a unique screened façade that changes its effect onto the...