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Posted On May 25, 2022

10 Reasons to Choose High Pressure Royale Touche Laminates over Acrylic Laminates

The word ‘Laminate’- who today is not familiar with it? From a small retail shop to a high end residence, this is something that everyone has had their hands upon....

Posted On May 27, 2021

Acrylic vs Glass: What’s the Difference and What’s Best?

Many projects nowadays are relying on decorative acrylic instead of decorative glass for several good reasons. However, it’s essential to know both materials’ properties, ensuring that you understand how they...

Posted On February 02, 2019

Can Acrylic Modernize Your Home? Yes it Can, and Here’s How!

First, do you know what acrylic is? Because most people don’t, and yet they should… It’s a revolutionary compound. With acrylic, you get glass in plastic form!   Basically… Acrylic...