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Posted On May 27, 2024

A Bungalow Style Home Characterized By Rooms Flooded With Natural Light | Raheja Creations

Our client envisioned a timeless bungalow style home characterized by expansive rooms flooded with natural light and ventilation. With a deep-rooted belief in Vaastu principles, the client emphasized adherence to...

Posted On November 30, 2023

A union of Victorian Interiors and Neoclassical Style | Vaastavya

Sophistication is at its peak in this residential apartment that shows its affluent style through Victorian interiors. The apartment in question is huge: from one end to another, a sweeping...

Posted On September 14, 2022

Beautiful And Inward Looking Apartment House Interior | SEZA Architects & Interior Designers

The apartment is about creating a beautiful yet inward looking home. We provided the entry to the home at the middle level, where one enters the home through an entrance...