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Posted On February 03, 2024

Ethnic Store Is Set In A Soothing Material Palette | Darshali Golani

Nestled in the urban jungle of South Delhi, BAGH (by Seasons Vadodara) where landscape converges with the tapestry of tradition, lies a 900 sq.ft store that celebrates the timeless beauty...

Posted On January 16, 2024

Space Optimization Was The Mantra for this Navi Mumbai Apartment | The Prop House

6 family members, 3 rooms and 900 sqft. Thus begins the story of this budget-friendly house in Navi Mumbai India with minimal waste. Space optimization was the mantra for this...

Posted On December 27, 2023

This Malabar Hill home evokes a vivid and neutral charm | Interior Factory

The client desires an elegant, minimalistic décor theme, prioritizing simplicity and functionality. This design in Malabar Hill features clean lines, a muted colour palette, and uncluttered spaces to evoke a...

Posted On November 08, 2022

Blending Clean Lines With Traditional Twist In This Family Home | THE 7th CORNER INTERIOR

Ingenious space planning and energetic colour palette complete the look of this residence located in Mumbai. Seamlessly executed and beautifully crafted by The 7th Corner Interior, the design style reflects Classic...