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Posted On October 10, 2023

An Office Space that Firmly Believes in Experimentation and Innovation of Design | Bhadaginchala Design Architects (BDA)

Studio BDA is young award winning firm that is based in Ballari, Karnataka which has an office space that firmly believes in experimentation and innovation of Design. We are creative problem...

Posted On April 22, 2023

This Distinctive Apartment Design Pulls Off A Striking Balance That Matches The Client’s Taste And Budget | RN Deesign

The team sought to create a clean, modern design sensibility with aesthetically functional spaces. Specifically, the idea was to have a bright living room which celebrated color, and had good...

Posted On December 30, 2022

Conceptualising A Community Workspace For The AYCS Office | M.A.D.E by Urvashi Sathaye

This 780 sqft office space was demolished entirely to renovate and create a brand-new space for a younger clientele. The brief involved making sure that the office had to be...

Posted On July 20, 2022

Home Weaving a Notion of Retreating to the Lap of Luxury | The ROUGE Wall

Curled up in Mumbai suburbs, away from the daily bustle of the ever-rushing city life is this hideaway luxury named The Alluring Abode. Beaming with the tranquility that flawlessly synchronizes...