Home Weaving a Notion of Retreating to the Lap of Luxury | The ROUGE Wall

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Curled up in Mumbai suburbs, away from the daily bustle of the ever-rushing city life is this hideaway luxury named The Alluring Abode. Beaming with the tranquility that flawlessly synchronizes with a ceremonial visual palette greets the senses for a moment of pause. Spanning over 780 sq.ft., this compact apartment is laden with tasteful embellishments across all the spaces, mindfully housing the three-generational family with utmost gratification.

Home Weaving a Notion of Retreating to the Lap of Luxury | The ROUGE Wall

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Being conceived for a young couple, their child, and their parents, this abode begins a quirky conversation with the living area that is swarmed with the golden sunlight making an appearance through the unconventionally towering windows. Adhering to the client brief, Kinjal and Pranali thought they were in a tough spot of contradictory choices of ambiance for the living area. However, with the firm belief, the Gandhi family had with the founders and principal designers of The Rouge Wall, a balanced adaptation of both was the resolution. This was achieved by introducing the Rouged seatings with a pronounced texture of the fabric making a statement of extravagance.

Placed alongside the linear love seat and two poufs, this family gathering space is driven by the dynamism of their choices, and their perceptions of comfort and luxury. The backdrop partnered with the minimal ceiling runs along the lines of contemporary design, celebrating its discreet presence with a sense of excitement. 

It’s a gripping transition to witness the ambiance of luxe and feel at ease glide through the dining area. The beige monotone molding paired with the beveled mirror and a free-standing honeycomb screen institute a conversation. A creative alliance such as this matures into a sense of curiosity leading to unearthing a newer perspective with every glance. The prominent polarity between the surface finishes and furniture supports lies an interesting observation of introducing just the right proportions of bling and browns. The exceptional use of the mirror with an accented chandelier adds a dramatic depth to the space and the daily dining experience.

Transcending beyond the dining experiences, are the more utility-oriented spaces – the kitchen and the wash area which were not far behind from making yet another statement. On the other side of the sleek screen, you are introduced to the pristine marble-clad enclosure added with a dose of gold faucets, reminiscing the timeless contrast that is not overpowering yet contributes to a chic vibe.

Epitomizing as a space of halt, the kitchen too takes an opportunity of exploring the rhythmic palette across living and dining, with a hint of classic subway tiles on the dado. Retaining the roots, the nostalgia, and familiarity of cooking for the family, basics such as maintenance-free surface finishes, and the ambiently lit crockery unit are embedded into the space claiming its strong convenience of using the kitchen.

A space that proudly favors a unique take on ethnic motifs, the striking temple design is tactfully integrated with the tv unit. Affirming this blend of traditional Indian elements and the comfort of contemporary are the temple doors and their hardware that creates a ‘soft modernist’ aesthetic specific to its function, beliefs, and respect for sacred spaces in an Indian home.

Coming to the master bedroom at The Alluring Abode, this space goes beyond achieving a beauty sleep, intending to organize a space for leisure and work, simultaneously. Crafting a heightened backdrop with the salmon-esque headboard refined with a sleek brass profile, elegantly framing the space of leisure. Adding veneer is only going to age this room with grace and warmth. Wall sconces that subtly flush on the sides further the mood of the bedroom space.

“Fitting the needs in the best possible manner is unequivocally the primary decision of a wardrobe but banking on a vintage combination of concrete greys, wood and a polite intervention of luxury goes a long way for wardrobe aesthetics”, as suggested by Kinjal and Pranali.

Multi-functional spaces and elements can be taxing to create. But so is innovation. In stark contrast as compared to the wardrobe and headboard walls, the tv unit is integrated with a work desk that attends to the remaining storage needs of the family. This room sums up as a space of desirable surprises catering to multiple functions, and ambiances.

The secondary room is a space for the elderly couple, the clients’ parents who desire a serene space with the color scheme of whites on whites with a pop of liveliness that enlivens the room during the daytime. The summery white outshines the amber headboard, discreetly lit by the cove behind. An undemanding bed fulfilling their storage needs also becomes one of the psychological reasons to have a soft spot for their spaces of respite.

In continuation to use of the element of bling also raises their spirits apart from feeling a sense of richness. The petite reminders of it in every space and every piece becomes one of the factors of harmony in design which does not miss out its presence on the wardrobe shutters. This suave sheen is undeniably one of the constants fostering sass and simplicity, concurrently.

The washrooms exhibit an extremely unconventional belief in utility spaces. While one places the paramount emphasis on glamorous vanity with saintly whites and sinful gold, the other is characterized by a rustic approach with artistic tiles for the wall and vanity. Showered with ample sunlight, these bathrooms are an individualistic approach toward largely function-oriented spaces transitioning to pleasant experiences.

The Alluring Abode marks an unconventional blend of natural light, subdued tones, and a muted bling that bestows upon a calming ambiance to the living and utility spaces, alike. The lush fabrics, and the delicate textures mark sophistication with unrivaled simplicity. A home that is nothing short of glamour living coupled with the satisfaction of coming back home, a space of emotionally composed and satisfactory way of life. 

Fact File

Designed by: The ROUGE Wall

Project Name: The Alluring Abode 

Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra

Client Name: Mr. Mihir Gandhi

Year Built: 2022

Project Size: 780 Sq.ft

Project Type: Residence Interior Design

Principal Designers: Kinjal Kothari & Pranali Patkar

Styled by: Studio Rever

Photograph Courtesy: Akshay Mehta

Firm’s Instagram Link: The ROUGE Wall

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