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Posted On April 01, 2023

A Gleaming Family Home With Ample Storage And An Uncluttered Interior Design | Megha Kedia Design

Located in the heart of Gurgaon – Palam Vihar, this home spans over an area of 800 sq yard floors in a 4-story building. The house is designed as per...

Posted On December 23, 2022

Reinventing The Identity Of A Showroom And Fusing It With An Exhibition Center | The KariGhars

Reinventing the identity of a showroom and fusing it with an exhibition center, it’s spatially zoned to accommodate pockets of real setups to give the users a qualitative experience of...

Posted On August 12, 2022

Traditional Indian Elegant House with Spirit of an Outdoor-Indoor Design | RNK Studio

Effortlessly apprehending the spirit of an outdoor-indoor design, this 6500 sq. ft residence in Ahmednagar is built to fit the desires of a joint family. The designer came across contrasting...

Posted On June 11, 2022

Seamless Blend of Traditional Indian Crafts for this Residence in Amritsar | Studios PMB

Designed by Praneet Bubber of Studios PMB, this 3600 sqft home is a seamless blend of traditional Indian crafts,  and a decadent, bold color palette. Seamless Blend of Traditional Indian...