Reinventing The Identity Of A Showroom And Fusing It With An Exhibition Center | The KariGhars

Reinventing the identity of a showroom and fusing it with an exhibition center, it’s spatially zoned to accommodate pockets of real setups to give the users a qualitative experience of materials, finishes, or objects. Arranging the elements in the right configuration and using props like wall art, lighting, or tabletop accessories can help visualize and experience products. Planning an experience center through-composed zones can also help in engaging the user in a concept with multiple products instead of only one piece of furniture. Each space should be curated to provide the experience of a realistic setup and help visitors visualize the catalogue of spaces from which they handpick the curated products. A well-designed experience center can work as a silent interior designer that recommends solutions, which can be experienced before it is bought.

Reinventing The Identity Of A Showroom And Fusing It With An Exhibition Center | The KariGhars

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The KariGhars, ‘The Gods of Contemporary Design’, have set the standard for great interior design, with the launch of the very first Experience Center in Bangalore. The experience center of The KariGhars has transformed the notion of viewing online to indulge physically with the product.  The center is designed to provide a sense of how a home might appear and function. It is an assortment of different designs, materials, furniture, and furnishings.

One can start imagining their dream home as they explore the storage-friendly designer solutions and modular wardrobes with smart shelving, deep drawers, and other features that optimize every surface of any property. The KariGhars’ handcrafted products and finishes can be viewed, as well as be touched and felt by the consumers.

The center is a conceptualized reality, and not simply a showcase for furniture products. As a result, the entire space is spruced up with a range of colour schemes and themes in furniture, furnishings, and decor. The center allows the consumers to relax on the sofa and peruse the wardrobes so that they indulge in experiencing the products.

With the advent of digital technology and marketing, it is said that the era of ‘Touch and Feel’ is long gone. But this cannot be held true for the architecture and interior design industry, where experience matters a lot.

Successful interior design brands create opportunities for people to try out their products using digital, traditional, and experiential approaches. However, to get an idea of the right touch and feel, to check the ergonomics, to get an idea of colour options, and to quality check, the in-store experience becomes essential.

A significant part of the population still prefers to feel products first hand, especially big-ticket and custom products like appliances, furniture, and building materials. With this increased demand for more urbane, upgraded experience, and personalized participation, most brands have now gone ahead with the launch of experience centers.

An ‘Experience Center’ is meant to leave a memory and an ever-lasting impression, and so spaces that give the users an experience with events or pop-up shows while allowing its visitors in full-brand immersion seem like the perfect medley for the present-day urban environment.

Expanded from the traditional brick-and-mortar stores and showrooms, the experience centers showcase the quality and comfort of the products. Technologies like virtual reality and augmented reality are no more restricted to being an online experience but are actively present in experience centers.

These spaces are curated to suit the brand, style, and audience with art installations, innovative technology, coffee bars, themed events, and museum-like walk-through space, where the potential consumer can assess and experience the brand on their terms as the way forward. 


Designed by : The KariGhars

Project Type : Commercial

Project Name : The Experience Center

Location : Bangalore

Year Built : 2022

Duration of project : 1 year

Plot Area : 2400 sq.ft

Built up : 8000 sq.ft

Project Size : 7200 sq.ft

Project Cost : 3 Cr

Principal designers / Founders : Abhishek Chadha & Aashita Chadha

Team Design Credits : Swati Malani

Drawings : Swati Malani

Photograph Courtesy : VikramJit Singh

Products / Materials / Vendors : Finishes – Lacquer Glass, PU Lacquer, Fluted Panels , Glass Acrylic, Onyx Wallcovering / Cladding – Rafters, fluted panels, wallpapers, upholstery / Lighting – Modern contemporary / Doors and Partitions – Aristo / Sanitaryware – Kohler / Furniture – Austin’s / Flooring – Vitrified marble finish tiles, wooden flooring, carpets / Kitchen – Blum, Kessebohmer, Grass / Paint – Asian Paints / Artefacts – Curio Casa, Mason Home, The Decor Circle / Wallpaper – D Decor / Hardware – Blum, Kessebohmer, Grass.

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