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Posted On April 17, 2024

This Modern Duplex House Design Bridges The Gap Between Styles of Interiors | Amoeba Design

The genesis of this modern duplex house design bridges the gap between styles of interiors while taking inspirations from the loft apartments of New York and redefining them to suit...

Posted On February 03, 2024

Exposed Network Reminds One Of A Classic Gym Interior design | Spaces + Partners Architects

Facades of mirrors, space identity through arranged equipments, replicating geometry, and an exposed network reminds one of the classic gym interior design. Straying away from this standard ideology, this design...

Posted On January 24, 2024

6BHK Residence That Epitomizes Luxury Living | Atelier 226

“Euphoria,” a splendid 6BHK residence that epitomizes luxury living. Every facet of this spacious abode is a testament to design excellence and opulence. 6BHK Residence That Epitomizes Luxury Living |...

Posted On December 07, 2023

Modernist Aesthetic prevails in this North India residence | Studio Vasaka

With an inviting façade treatment, House One891 has layers of modernist aesthetic that makes it one-of-a-kind. House One891, designed by Studio Vasaka, showcases a seamless integration of sleek, modernist aesthetic...

  • Posted On November 29, 2023

    A Heartfelt Contribution to Kerala Architecture and Earthy Hues | Tropical Tones

    Tropical tones have weaved together a home that encompasses the design concepts of Kerala architecture while delicately backing a story behind it. A characteristic of a Malayali household is the...

    Posted On November 01, 2023

    This Private Terrace Bar is the Perfect Embodiment of a Functional Yet Aesthetic Space | NaaV Studio

    Editor’s Note: Inspired by the mellow tones of the desert, this terrace bar is thoroughly stitched by a designer’s eye. The spaces are filled with curious decor and objects. The...

    Posted On September 05, 2023

    The Design Ethos of this Sample Home Embodies Spaces Dipped in Breezy Calmness and Finesse | The Crossboundaries

    Editor’s Note: Serenity is at its peak in this beautifully executed residence by the Crossboundaries. With sensible equity towards indoor and outdoor environments, subtle shades outline the spaces. Conscious additions...

    Posted On June 14, 2023

    This Office Space Follows A Sustainable And Earthy Palette | Sparc Design

    The earth and metal project is an office space for a company into the business of steel and construction. With a brief to use elements with a rustic appeal, and...

    Posted On March 27, 2023

    The Affiliations Of Simplicity And Grandeur Successfully Fused Into This Luxury Apartment | Salt Studio

    An attempt to create a 21st-century home that relapses to the past is easy to talk about but a challenge to visualize; that is what distinguishes this residence situated in...

    Posted On February 15, 2023

    4BHK Modern Home “Brigade Exotica” In Bangalore | Furdo

    “Nothing ages more quickly than ‘newness’. But a design that’s a marriage between the past and the present is truly timeless.” This 4BHK modern home “Brigade Exotica” in Bangalore fulfills...

    Posted On February 06, 2023

    4bhk Contemporary Home With Diverse Material Palette | Studio Trillium

    The idea was to give an open floor plan without any visual barriers. The space has a clean layout and appears even larger due to natural light in the house....

    Posted On September 06, 2022

    Splendid and Sumptuous Home with Luxurious Aesthetics | Arch Studio 18

    In the course of a year, his team of Arch Studio 18 took the challenge of creating an opulent residence interior in Kirti Nagar, New Delhi. The client’s desire was to make the residence...

    Posted On August 26, 2022

    Reminiscing Rajasthani Architecture with this Home in Madhya Pradesh | Arushi Singh Architects

    “The Haveli” – 3600 Sq.ft projects with a ground coverage of 2770 sqft for a family of 4 members. It was really fun bringing ‘The Rajasthani vibes’ to our own...

    Posted On July 02, 2022

    Office Design with Basic Geometric Shapes with the Hint of Popping Earth Colors | AK Enterprises Pvt.Ltd

    The simplistic design and basic geometric shapes with the hint of popping earth colors are what the 711 office of Adventz Infinity building is all about. While designing the office...