Adorning the sight of Western Ghats on the Periphery is Athachi Farmhouse | Alchemy

A nature lover NRI chose to have a close-to-heart holiday home named athachi farmhouse. Nestled in the famous farmland of Kerala, on the flatlands of Palakkad Pass flanked by the Western Ghats on either side, lead to the conceptualization of a holiday home that can hold his family together during his vacations back in his homeland. The[Read More]

Climate Responsive Workspace whose Architecture Breathes Life into the Conventional Take on Workspaces | flYingseeds design studio

flYingseeds Studio was established in 2015 at New Delhi India as a team of highly trained and passionate architects with a global vision in architecture and urban workspace design. The firm has dealt with various projects of multiple scales and vivid context, providing comprehensive architectural consultancy services to various organizations. Climate Responsive Workspace whose Architecture[Read More]