Climate Responsive Workspace whose Architecture Breathes Life into the Conventional Take on Workspaces | flYingseeds design studio

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flYingseeds Studio was established in 2015 at New Delhi India as a team of highly trained and passionate architects with a global vision in architecture and urban workspace design. The firm has dealt with various projects of multiple scales and vivid context, providing comprehensive architectural consultancy services to various organizations.

Climate Responsive Workspace whose Architecture Breathes Life into the Conventional Take on Workspaces | flYingseeds design studio

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The headquarter office of a medical-surgical industry; rises amidst the old, dilapidated industrial warehouses, and small factory plants in a dense industrial area of Delhi, India.

The façade evolves as a process from line to planes to forms. The responsive façade of the building is dominated and also unified by distinct, numerous vertical louvered sun-shading systems designed and articulated through solar comfort analysis. The high-performance thermal break windows to cut down the south Solar gain consequentially.

The South-facing, front façade responds to the entire day journey of the blazing Delhi sun, where the summer lasts for eight months straight annually. The Building Façade is an outcome of two aspects – response to the climate and augmenting the immediate context.

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The concrete building mass is steered and sliced by vertical planes strategically, to attain relief spaces at the front. A double-height reception on the upper ground floor and an open courtyard on the first floor are created, revealing the inner flesh of the building that breathes through articulated terracotta-brick parametric screens.

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The consequential central courtyard on the first floor is a significant relief amidst the massive concrete block which is an ‘open to sky’ calm space stimulating a tranquil, cool, green micro environment with a water body and trees. Created by enclosure from two sides by terracotta brick jali, the breathing walls bring in cooler air inside the building, reduce the dependability on air conditioning and contribute again towards energy efficiency of the building.

All the internal walls are made in exposed terracotta bricks complemented by birch ply workstations and partitions. The Interior workstation space is conceived and optimized as a modern industrial design that is rustic, stripped back, and warm altogether.

The Respire Office is about the homecoming to the Industrial modern Office culture, where it was an exercise in building more with less.

Offering a large open-space layout with negligible internal walls, volumizing with maximum ceiling heights sans false ceiling, keeping the services exposed to achieve abundant natural light and air in all the corners so that there is least dependency on mechanical means for lighting and comfortable working atmosphere. 

The design evolves with the intent to stand calm and composed amidst the cacophony of the dense industrial area of the city.

The building claims its entity, bringing a sense of pride and belongingness to the users.

The quintessential courtyard devised at the first floor makes way for natural light and air to penetrate deep into the building, allowing it to breathe naturally, accentuating the space quality and celebrating the honesty of the ethical material-palette of exposed concrete, terracotta bricks, steel, birch plywood  in their most intrinsic, rustic form intensifying the visual and tactile sense.

Lush green pockets of air-purifying plants growing out of shelving systems and desktops imperfectly, in contrast to the muted palette and provides a link with the living nature.

Fact File

Designed by: flYingseeds design studio

Project Type: Office Architecture & Design

Project name: ‘Respire’ Office

Project size: 10500 sqft

Built-up: 35000 sqft

Project Location: New Delhi

Year Built: 2021

Principal Architects: Abhinav Chaudhary & Kakoli Bhattacharya

Team Design credits: Pushpendra kashyap, Sahil Lamba, Shubham Aggarwal, Rishabh Kamboj

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