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Posted On March 03, 2023

Modern Apartment Design By Sakshee Sahni | SAKSHEE SAHNI DESIGNS

Open, warm, lustrous and luminous are some of adjectives to describe a home. This Modern Apartment design by Sakshee Sahni located at Ashoka Royal, Raipur (Chhattisgarh) captures all of the...

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Posted On January 06, 2023

A Spacious Contemporary Apartment Adorned With Luxury | The Design Chapel

The moment I walked through the entrance passage of this empty 4BHK house into the spacious living and dining space I was overwhelmed by the lightness that engulfed me. The...

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Posted On October 03, 2022

Luxurious Interior Camouflaged With Earthen Elements | Bhavin Amrutiya Architects

Work environment is one of the most important parts of our lives as we spend quite a number of hours of the day in that space. The canvas of an...

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Posted On June 27, 2022

House with Different Roofs: An Edge Over Conventional Residential Design | RC Architects 

Set in a tight neighborhood, The residential design site for ‘House with Different Roofs’ offers a unique context set in a semi-urban environment. The longer sides of the site are...

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  • Posted On June 07, 2022

    Reliving the Roman Era with the Minimal Sophistication is this Residence in Vadodara | Shraddha Architects

    Nested in Vadodara city this minimal 3bhk apartment was designed for a family who desired to have their interior be sophisticated with flexible spaces. This roman interior is an amalgamation...

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    Posted On September 13, 2018

    Residence Has A Dynamic Crafted Facade,Bangalore| Cadence Architects

    Residence Has A Dynamic Crafted Facade,Bangalore| Cadence Architects Situated on a tight site of 40’ by 70’ in an urban context, the client approached us with a brief of designing...

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