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Posted On April 09, 2024

A Serene Home That Is A Testament To The Rich Human Experience | Alkove-Design

In the heart of Pune, where the city’s rhythm beats strong and vibrant, lies a serene home that is a testament to the rich human experience and cultural fusion. This...

Posted On March 19, 2024

Gallons’ Interior Branding Crafts Dynamic Workspaces | Kaleidus WorkPlace Solutions

Gallons’ Interior Branding Crafts Dynamic Workspaces Elevating Work Environments by Kaleidus Workplace Solutions’. They envisioned an Office Design for Gallons’ Premium Packaging Drinking Water at THE FIRST, Ahmedabad. At Kaleidus...

Posted On July 25, 2023

Luxury Home where the Interiors are a Curated Blend of Exotic Natural Marbles and Neutral Wood | Prachiti Khanvilkar Designs

A sprawling 2800 sq. ft. apartment in the suburbs of Juhu in Mumbai with huge openings overlooking the Arabian Sea allowing the western winds gush in to the apartment. It’s...

Posted On July 05, 2023

A Play of Lines, Arches and Wall Treatments Create a Sleek Look in this Cool and Serene Office | Space9 Projects

Corporate Office for a Real Estate Developer : We aimed to create a head office that exudes elegance and modernity. A play of lines, arches and wall treatments create a sleek...

  • Posted On June 03, 2023

    A Captivating Space Which Exudes Elegance, Sophistication, And An Unparalleled Sense Of Indulgence | Ego Designs

    The client’s brief was quite simple. To have a cosy & comfortable house but should exude luxury & class to visitors. We decided to bring a sense of luxury through...

    Posted On May 15, 2023

    An Amalgamation Of Modern Architecture Elements Into A Tropical Architecture | Dream Infinite Studio

    A single story residence offering the secure sense of home to the family by creating for them a world within itself. This tranquil home in Edathirinji, Kerala, India, is an...

    Posted On March 03, 2023

    Modern Apartment Design By Sakshee Sahni | SAKSHEE SAHNI DESIGNS

    Open, warm, lustrous and luminous are some of adjectives to describe a home. This Modern Apartment design by Sakshee Sahni located at Ashoka Royal, Raipur (Chhattisgarh) captures all of the...

    Posted On January 06, 2023

    A Spacious Contemporary Apartment Adorned With Luxury | The Design Chapel

    The moment I walked through the entrance passage of this empty 4BHK house into the spacious living and dining space I was overwhelmed by the lightness that engulfed me. The...

    Posted On October 03, 2022

    Luxurious Interior Camouflaged With Earthen Elements | Bhavin Amrutiya Architects

    Work environment is one of the most important parts of our lives as we spend quite a number of hours of the day in that space. The canvas of an...

    Posted On June 27, 2022

    House with Different Roofs: An Edge Over Conventional Residential Design | RC Architects 

    Set in a tight neighborhood, The residential design site for ‘House with Different Roofs’ offers a unique context set in a semi-urban environment. The longer sides of the site are...

    Posted On June 07, 2022

    Reliving the Roman Era with the Minimal Sophistication is this Residence in Vadodara | Shraddha Architects

    Nested in Vadodara city this minimal 3bhk apartment was designed for a family who desired to have their interior be sophisticated with flexible spaces. This roman interior is an amalgamation...

    Posted On September 13, 2018

    Residence Has A Dynamic Crafted Facade,Bangalore| Cadence Architects

    Residence Has A Dynamic Crafted Facade,Bangalore| Cadence Architects Situated on a tight site of 40’ by 70’ in an urban context, the client approached us with a brief of designing...