Luxurious Interior Camouflaged With Earthen Elements | Bhavin Amrutiya Architects

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Work environment is one of the most important parts of our lives as we spend quite a number of hours of the day in that space. The canvas of an office space is a very significant element, as it drives the function of an organisation. This one is the design project for an office space with an area of 2800 sq.ft. including a small terrace garden at the end. The luxurious interior camouflaged with earthen elements gives the office just precise quantum of aesthetics to reflect the nature and fame of the organisation. Based on the requirements, the space is carved along a central passage providing access to various rooms on either sides. All three cabins are aligned on one side of the passage while the conference room and other utilities are on the other side.

Luxurious Interior Camouflaged With Earthen Elements | Bhavin Amrutiya Architects

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Material palette

The entire space is an amalgamation of luxurious contemporary materials like Italian stone, teak wood veneer and furry carpets and earthen materials like bricks and MS frames. The plain upholstery enhances the contrast parameters of the canvas. The intentionally generated buffer space between the outer common corridor and the actual inside prepares one for an all together newer experience. You are welcomed into the richness of the office by a large door made up of veneer and fluted glass.

Once you swing the door, one gets a direct vision of the reception area. The reception is where, an elevated wooden floor hosts an Italian stone finished reception counter against a white background with bold vertical stripes. The logo and name of the organisation are enhanced by a contrast play of colors in the foreground and the background. The blessings of the almighty is the base of any activity we perform and so the pooja-ghar is placed at the entry over the same platform as the reception table.

The central passage with multiple doors for access to various cabins on either side, leads to a wall that has a mesmerising picture of God Shreenathji. The walls between two doors in the passage are beautifully arched and cladded with bricks to generate an earthen base for exquisite Pichwai paintings.

All the cabins are spacious and luxurious. The Italian stone on walls and table tops and the soft velvet like floor enriches its extravagant experience.

Cabin-2 has more of contemporary flavors that are prominently visible in its furniture style, walls, paintings, curtains and decorative accessories.

On the other hand Cabin-3 is an assimilation of classic and modern elements. It has a hand painted wall, classical flavor of artefacts in fusion with modern lighting accessories and furniture.

The last space of the office is an informal conference room with sofas and high back chairs for the heads. The conference room and Cabin-1 directly open out into the terrace garden, which is the ultimate “me-time” space for anyone and everyone amidst a hectic work routine.

The terrace is like a feather to the cap. Its east facing location with natural plants, an informal coffee table and a swing, is all one needs to relax their mind and soul from the office clutter. With the overall aesthetic opulence, we have considered the services part of the office too. All the electrical and other utilities are fully automated and premium.

Overall, we had a unique and a new experience working for a brand like “ILARVINDAM CORPORATION”. The ultimate success of a project is the satisfied gesture of the client and the visitors that we could experience.


Designed by : Bhavin Amrutiya Architects

Project Type : Office Interiors


Location : Ahmedabad

Year Built : 2022

Duration of project : 5 Months

Project Size :  2800 sq.ft

Principal Architect : Bhavin Amrutiya

Team Design Credits : Stuti Amrutiya & Foram Vekariya

Photograph Courtesy : Bhavin amrutiya

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