Contemporary and Chic yet Luxurious Space with an Amalgamation of Earthy , Innovative and an Extravagant Aura | Studio Consilio

&nbsp The Suit Company, designed and executed by Studio Consilio located at a prime location in old Gurugram is one of a kind bespoke men’s clothing store owned by two young brothers. The client wanted the entire floor plate of 1450 sq. ft. to be divided into three separate zones- Private, Semi-private and a free[Read More]

Villa Design Having Unobstructed Views and Non Embellished & Breezy Interiors | Aijaz Hakim Architect

&nbsp The project dwells in a close-knit urban neighborhood near the Pune International Airport. The name “Transparence” comes from the specific behavior of the Villa, having unobstructed views and non embellished interiors. While designing the project, we were affected by the following. The noise generated by jets from the nearby airport. Privacy from the surrounding[Read More]

Inspired by Japanese Interior Style, This Apartment Interior Oozes Serene and Calm Ambience | ETHOSpace Pte. Ltd.

&nbsp This show-unit is a Japanese inspired concept, made for a Game Designer where factors such as comfort, a warm yet fun ambience were important factors.  Inspired by Japanese Interior Style, This Apartment Interior Oozes Serene and Calm Ambience | ETHOSpace Pte. Ltd. Visit : ETHOSpace Pte. Ltd. Starting from the living area with a[Read More]

Homely and Lavish, Contemporary Office Space Design | Studio Ad AstrA

&nbsp Designed with attention to space making, office space for a real estate developer. The client’s requirements were specific in terms of the look and feel of the office: homely and lavish.The entrance is adorned with an aesthetically pleasing yet functional partition unit space for sitting with a soft furnished waiting area adding blue to[Read More]

Minimal Materials and Recyclable Accessories Used Constructively in this Apartment Interiors | ANS Design House

&nbsp Set in the ‘city of lakes and a part of megacity Mumbai, the house comprises 1.5 BHK apartments fulfilling the need of the working couple Neha and Chetan, whose work profile lets them work from home post-pandemic. Designer duo, Amit N. Phanse and Shivangi Shahane Phanse cofounder at ANS Design House have beautifully used[Read More]

Monochromatic Showroom at Surat | Abrigo Architects

&nbsp As an architect, designing the furnishing studio is a kind of challenging task because every single product that a showroom consists of has different colors , textures and feelings. Monochromatic Showroom at Surat | Abrigo Architects Visit : Abrigo Architects We designed this showroom in such a manner using a grey color pallet as a[Read More]

Earthy and Warm Colors Clubbed with White to Accentuate Varied Elements in this Apartment Interiors | VastuSiddhi Architects

&nbsp The project is a 3 BHK residence on the tenth floor of a high-rise in Mumbai. A spacious and well ventilated apartment designed for the family of four. The client desired a warm and welcoming home with an Indian dash. The living room was the focal  point, kitchen functional and bedrooms as per children choice.[Read More]

Well Lit, Ventilated Home with an Open Layout Complimenting A Contemporary Lifestyle : Mango House  | i2a Architects Studio

&nbsp Located in Kerala’s Thrissur District, the ‘Mango house’ thrives to inscribe minimalist modernity as its design language while sharing a humble relationship with its immediate vicinity. As the project name duly indicates, the salient feature of the design would be the site’s resident old Mango tree which is wrapped around a layer of jali[Read More]

Air of Minimalism, Characterised by Clean Lines and Patterns : The Mystical Home | The Arch Studio

&nbsp DESIGN CONCEPT This exquisitely curated 2700 sqft home is a fantastic balance of functionality and aesthetics. Defined by its geometric design seen in the sharp angles and mixed size segments, the space has a contemporary aesthetic while also exuding the newness of a charming and cosy home. These angular patterns are a key part[Read More]

Contemporary and Minimalist Apartment Interiors, Seamlessly Blends Private and Public Spaces | Studio KLA

&nbsp The apartment’s layout, which is contemporary and minimalist, seamlessly blends private and public spaces. Architects Karan Lotwala and Kinjal Joshi of Studio.KLA investigated how the concept of separate functioning may be expanded into the concept of connected living. The brief was to design an apartment for a young family of five individuals in Surat’s[Read More]