Unison of Casual Ethnic with a Bold Palette | Green Squares Design Studio

The residence is a manifestation of vernacular methods in a contemporary manner. The material palette is a combination of the subtle, ethnic and earthy beige of cane and the strong and impactful wooden brown highlighted with the sheen of brass. They are all bound together with the neutral grey. The entire house is sown together[Read More]

Contemporary Interiors that blends Glamour with Comfort | Studio Kaarigars

Contemporary interiors that blends glamour with comfort. The 1,200 sq.ft.home located in Omkar Altamonte, Mumbai designed for a young couple having their roots from Delhi was given a neutral palette and bespoke furnishings. While most of the furnishings are custom made, the palette used for this home is luxurious and the furniture is comfortable. Visit: Studio Kaarigars[Read More]

Contemporary Design Style Along with The Hues of Green, Grey and Yellow | Studio Bilaang

The Etymological root of the term “Bilaang” lies as a “measurement unit” used in ancient times using the dimension of a hand  . The term is popularly seen in the famous 5star chocolate tv advertisement “Masterji Pitaji ki Patloon ek “Bilaang” choti kardo “ . A measurement unit is the significant source for starting off[Read More]