Contemporary Design Style Along with The Hues of Green, Grey and Yellow | Studio Bilaang

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The Etymological root of the term “Bilaang” lies as a “measurement unit” used in ancient times using the dimension of a hand  . The term is popularly seen in the famous 5star chocolate tv advertisement “Masterji Pitaji ki Patloon ek “Bilaang” choti kardo “ . A measurement unit is the significant source for starting off any planning in architecture & interior Designing hence the title of the firm was a very well thought word for contemporary design style of office.

Contemporary Design Style Along with The Hues of Green, Grey and Yellow | Studio Bilaang

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The complete building (commercial) belongs to the principal designers and is under construction where as ground and first floors is completely elevated and in accordance to the layout plan for our office the civil work was done. The site is located on the Beed Bypass Highway of Aurangabad MH and is quite a developing area. “We were the client and we were the designers so planning and coming up to one final decision was easy here, as we were very clear that , “This will be the first impression of this contemporary design office depicting to, what and how we execute our work”, says Akshata & Pritesh.

We firmly believe “creative minds evolve creative spaces” and so we wanted to break the feel of the office and turn it into a “studio” keeping up the trend followed by the new age designers . The  contemporary design style along with The hues of Green, Grey and Yellow add a spell, casting an atmosphere of the designer’s den for creative minds. Geometrical lines were followed in all partitions and the cabin backdrop , Secondly, to break the geometric lines pattern we thought of using a surfing board shape enhancing the backdrop of the cabin accommodating the logo of the firm . 

The entrance foyer of the studio is planned through a balcony with landscape and wall mural denoting the meaning of “bilaang” depicting the ancient measurement technique! A full glass partition & door allows ample sunlight in the studio from the balcony making the space more airy & breezy . A metal mesh divider was made between the staff & reception area which allows sunlight and airy-ness into the staff area . The cabin is placed overlooking the staff and reception area which enables a functional connectivity of the office. As creative minds need a creative atmosphere, the conference area was planned with a green wall and raw ceiling amidst the planters & artwork crafting an ingenious & creative vibe with such contemporary design style. 

Basically we have used basic 4 elements out of all elements used in architecture , concrete, steel, wood and stone . Concrete finish is applied on walls of the cabin , staff & reception area , the ceiling of the cabin is handcrafted in teakwood along with teak wood used in partition and the sofas & wooden center table was also tailored on site . Natural wood slab was used on main cabin table top with mild steel frame. Black Stone shelfs were made in the cabin break the harmony of wood & veneer.

The main challenge in designing your office is that you want every little element designed precisely as your own studio reflects your own work , taste & personality! The entrance wall showcases a mural depicting the ancient hand measurement technique, hence the name of the firm Bilaang. The conference area showcases another mural, illustrating an architect’s mind which is brainstorming and building designs looming out of it. A bright takeaway from this project is that designing spaces becomes elementary sticking to a particular material palette.

The main cabin is our favorite space in the studio. There is an artwork in the recreational area which was made with left out ply and mdf pieces on site and was hand painted by the principal architect and staff as a recycled artwork.

Fact File

Designed By: Studio Bilaang

Typology: Office Interior Design

Project Name: Designer’s Den

Location: Aurangabad, Maharashtra

Year Built: 2021

Duration: 4 Months

Project Size: 1200 sq.ft.

Principal Architect and Designer: Pritesh Khatod, Akshata Khatod

Design Team: Roma Rochwani

Project Consultants

Fabricator: Shrikant Chavan

Electrician: Mukne Patil

Paint and Polish: Subhash Chauhan

Project Manager: Anil Chavan

Photography Credits: Photographix

Products and Materials: Lighting: Neptun Lafit Lighting | Paints: Kemtex

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Firm’s Instagram Link: Studio Bilaang

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