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Posted On April 01, 2024

This Boho Apartment Converge Casual Elegance And Kaleidoscope Of Colors | Bani Architects

This boho apartment converge casual elegance and a kaleidoscope of colors in seamless harmony. As one steps into this Bohemian retreat, it invites you into a living room that epitomizes...

Posted On February 10, 2024

A Modern ArtDeco Parisian Style With A Hint Of Scandinavian Design | Bageshree Shroff Interiors

We have designed this project in a Modern ArtDeco Parisian style with a hint of Scandinavian design. This eclectic mix is characterized by soft colour hues, symmetrical shapes and an...

Posted On December 29, 2023

A House Where Design Can Bring in Lots of Sunshine | Design Matters 

The brief from the client was to design a house for 3 on a 1200 sq.ft site—working techie couple with a young daughter and the occasional guest with 3 bedrooms...

Posted On September 29, 2022

A Modern Contemporary Home Distinctive To The Client’s Family | SK Design studio

Our client wanted a design that was sleek and elegant, with Modern Contemporary interior. They wanted a minimalistic & clutter-free look. The major materials used in entire project were Satin...