• TADstories With Palvi Sachdeva| The Space Affair

    Palvi Sachdeva, the founder of The Space Affair, shares her versatile and eclectic approach towards design.

    The Space Affair is an interior design studio founded by Palvi Sachdeva in Gurgaon. The studio designs spaces which are functional, aesthetically pleasing and personalized with the clients wishes.

    In an interesting conversation with Palvi Sachdeva, she talks about her unique bond with design and art.

    The Space Affair founder

    What is the story of your passion for design? 

    From an early age, I found myself drawn to art, colours, and shapes. Even finding joy in creating and exploring new ways to express myself. Growing up, I was fortunate to be surrounded by art and design. My parents, particularly my father, had a keen eye for design and art. Seeing my father’s work and the way he approached art and design have naturally inspired me to explore my own artistic abilities.

    What pushed you to commence your own interior design studio?

    The decision to start my own interior design business at the age of 39. It was a significant shift for me, especially coming from the education industry. It was during the process of renovating my own house that I realized how much I enjoyed interior design. Further without much hesitation, I decided to make the leap. Renovating my own home became a passion project, and as I dove deeper into the process, I discovered a genuine love for design and a talent for transforming spaces. It was a revelation – I found myself completely absorbed in choosing color schemes, selecting furniture, and redesigning layouts. Thus, to create a space that felt both functional and beautiful.

    Living room interior

    Journey of Design Process!

    Could you write in short about the philosophy you go with when designing a certain project?

    My design philosophy revolves around creating functional, aesthetically pleasing, and personalized spaces that enhance the lives of my clients. By prioritizing functionality, aesthetics, and personalization, I ensure that each project I undertake is a true reflection of my client’s vision and values.

    What is the inspiration behind your concept developments and design ideations?

    My design inspirations are eclectic and diverse, reflecting a blend of natural beauty, artistic expression, cultural richness, and client-centric focus. By drawing upon these varied sources of inspiration, I create design concepts. Ones that are both original and deeply meaningful to the people who inhabit them.

    Interior by The Space Affair

    With online platforms showcasing a variety of trends, how did you decide on your signature style amidst the ever changing trends?

    I’ve chosen not to focus on developing a signature style. Instead, I embrace a versatile approach that adapts to the unique tastes and needs of each client. Rather than imposing a predetermined style, I listen closely to my clients, understanding their desires, aspirations, and aesthetic preferences. This approach allows me to create spaces that feel authentic and deeply personal to them.

    What values do you prioritize in your life and how do they reflect in your way of work?

    I believe in being true to myself and others. In my work this means being genuine and transparent in my interactions, building trust with clients and colleagues alike.

    Bedroom interior by The Space Affair

    A Sneak Peek Into The Projects By The Space Affair

    Could you share the story of a project which has truly challenged you go beyond your conventional style of design?

    Certainly! One project that challenged me to go beyond my conventional style of design was where the client had time and budget constraints. Additionally, they wanted to reuse some existing furniture items, some of which needed to be refurbished. The challenge was to blend old and new elements seamlessly within a tight timeframe. Through extensive brainstorming and collaboration, we devised a plan to transform the space. We decided to focus on repurposing and refurbishing existing furniture pieces. Some items were restored with new upholstery or finishes, while others were creatively integrated into the new design.

    This approach not only saved time and money but also added character to the space. To complement the existing pieces, we carefully selected new furniture and décor items. They aligned with the client’s style and preferences. We also made strategic design choices to maximize space and functionality. In the end, despite the challenges, we successfully transformed the space. It turned into a stylish and functional environment that exceeded the client’s expectations. This project taught me the importance of adaptability and creativity in overcoming design challenges, and it reinforced my belief in the power of collaboration to achieve outstanding results.

    Living room interior by The Space Affair

    With the technological advancements, which is the one tool you feel is a blessing to deal with design challenges?

    SketchUp is a blessing for designers, providing powerful tools and features that streamline design workflows, enhance visualization, and facilitate collaboration. Its ease of use, versatility, and integration capabilities make it an indispensable tool for tackling design challenges in today’s fast-paced design industry.

    Living room interior by The Space Affair

    What role do you think a well designed interior space has on the users mood and workability and how do you achieve it in your designs?

    By designing spaces that are optimized for functionality, users are better able to keep everything in the allotted space, leading to less clutter and a more organized environment. This organization makes day-to-day tasks less challenging and time-consuming, as users can easily find what they need when they need it. With efficient storage solutions and intuitive layouts, users can navigate the space effortlessly, enhancing their productivity.

    Using the right colours and textures in design can positively affect users’ moods and mental health. For example, incorporating warm tones like earthy browns or soft blues can create a sense of calm and relaxation, while bright, vibrant colors can energize and uplift. By selecting colors that resonate with the users and evoke desired emotions, the space can contribute to their overall well-being and happiness.

    interior by The Space Affair

    Considering the wide range of materials available today, how do you choose the right material palette which aligns with your design language and the client aspirations?

    Certainly, the choice of materials depends on various factors like design theme, client expectations, budget, and desired textures. By considering these aspects, I select materials that align with the design vision, meet the client’s expectations, fit within the budget, and offer the desired tactile qualities.

    Dining room interior by The Space Affair

    Beyond Design!

    Apart from designing, which are other hobbies that inspire you to keep going?

    Apart from designing, traveling and décor DIY are hobbies that inspire me to keep going. Traveling is a great source of inspiration, allowing me to understand different cultures and design styles. DIY decor projects help me to relax ,unwind and express creativity.

    Which aspect of interior designing brings you the sense of fulfilment?

    The aspect of interior designing that brings me the greatest sense of fulfilment is the happiness and appreciation I see from my clients, their families, and friends. Building strong relationships along the way is incredibly rewarding, knowing that my designs have positively impacted their lives and brought them joy.

    Bedroom interior by The Space Affair

    Looking ahead in the future, what are some of the commitments to yourself to help you grow as an individual?

    Looking ahead, I’m committed to being a lifelong learner, seeking new experiences, and collaborating with diverse people. By embracing continuous growth, exploring new horizons, and fostering meaningful connections, I aim to evolve and thrive as an individual.

    Beyond professional achievements, what personal legacy do you hope reaches the masses and can make an impact on their lives?

    Beyond professional achievements, I hope my personal legacy inspires others to pursue their passions, embrace creativity, and prioritize kindness. By fostering a culture of empathy, empowerment, and positive change, I aim to make a lasting impact on the lives of those around me.

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