TADstories with Balkrishna Patel I InnerArch Designs

InnerArch Designs is an Ahmedabad-based architecture and interior design studio. Founded in 2015 by Balkrishna Patel, the studio’s expertise is acknowledged for its creative solutions in interior design. In a conversation with The Architect’s Diary, Mr. BK Patel shares insights about his firm and his design journey. 

InnerArch Designs is a team based in the ever-growing heritage city of Ahmedabad. Where the founder, Mr. Balkrishna has an experienced, dynamic, and highly qualified team of interiors, architects, Site Supervisors, Structure Consultants, and Project Managers specializing in multiple aspects of design. 

The enthusiastic team of InnerArch Designs caters to not only residential but also commercial building designs. Incorporating the most innovative trends and developments in materials and various finishes. In this following interview, the founder expresses his design philosophy and the creative process of his designs with us. 

Who is Balkrishna Patel? How did you get into this field?

My Self Balkrishna Patel and for me, it was pre-planned that I wanted to go into the design field. I had a clear direction and my design journey began straight-forwardly. Little did I know, my journey immediately began in design and later on establishing my studio, InnerArch Designs

How did you get your first project and what was it?

I got my first project through my tuition teacher early on. And that was for designing a 4 Bedroom-hall-kitchen residential bungalow.

What is your design approach and signature style in terms of planning and execution? 

 I always try to keep my design as simple as possible, and apart from that my first preference is subtle colors. If a client asks me to make it flashy or make it bold then only I would go for it. Otherwise, in every design you can see the play of plain colors and warm tones.

In the past few years, especially after covid, there has been a rapid change in design trends. What is one trend change that you would like to see in the field and one that you would never like to change?

People think that there are many things that changed after the pandemic, but according to me change is constant in this field. Also, it is not about Covid, as change is inevitable in our daily lives. New materials and evolving of new designs are introduced in the market frequently. Over time, the thought process of people also changes.

Nowadays there are numerous online platforms to get inspired and get ideas. How do you cater to the client’s requirements regarding your design style? 

I generally show them the completed projects, and clients get the idea of my design styles and taste. And this becomes a clear path for us to connect with our clients. Yes, there are many platforms nowadays to get inspiration, though, we focus on our design style and make sure the clients also get to comprehend the same.

What is your strategy to transform a given space into a masterpiece in terms of budget constraints?

In some sites, I am facing this problem constantly, and in all those sites I try to use simple and decorative materials like laminate and PVC louvers. Sometimes I use all waste material and create a design.

If you had the opportunity to design a dream project, what would it be and why?

I would always love to design a club, and the reason behind this is I will get a vast area to design, catering to different purposes. In one place I can use my every sense of design such as; architecture, interior, landscape, et cetera.

Our readers are always looking forward to learning from the best. What advice would you give to upcoming designers for startups? 

There is something new to learn from everyone so according to me newcomers can learn little things from everyone. So I would suggest to gather knowledge from wherever and from whomever you can and take action as per what suits you the best.

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